Esther Wells

Hello,am Esther Wells. I am a special needs teacher at Kisima, a centre that specializes in teaching children with special needs. At the centre, I have been instrumental in creating awareness about the rights, skills and talents of special needs children.

how many months at 15 months

How Many Words at 15 Months?

Language and speech development milestones are related to receptive language and expressive language. Most communication skills develop rapidly in your child’s first year of life. With time your child will learn how to express him/herself, understand when you communicate with them, and how to respond to you. However, this will take place before your child …

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9 Useful Non-Verbal Autism Apps for Android [2023]

Touchscreen tablets and smartphones are as important as toys for nonverbal children with autism. Parents and educators are changing how they are teaching their children communication and daily skills with technology advancement. If you need an app for nonverbal communication, the market is saturated with special education apps. These apps target all kinds of disabilities. …

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