Fun Moments Raising a Late Talker

In our quest to have our kids speak, we sometimes fail to celebrate the simple yet happy moments on these raising speech delayed children.

But when you look capture them either via a snapshot, a simple note on your diary or a phone call to your support partners, that is when you have an archive to look back to.

Here are some of my most delightful moments:

  1. When he nails a pronunciation right

My son’s name is Niko.

However, he has always had a problem with pronouncing ‘N’ and ‘M’.

So for the longest time when you asked him who he was, he would say that he is ‘Miko’

It was cute and enjoyable to hear him do this.

And then, one day, he says that he is indeed ‘Niko’

Memorable and fun.

2. When he calls you ‘daddy’ the first time

Any parent having their kid call you ‘mama’ or ‘papa’ is a great moment.

It is even greater if the kiddo is a late talker and finally addresses you as so.

Warms your heart indeed!

3. When he plays with other kids

My kid tended to be a loner for a long time.

I was really worried.

But when we took him to preschool, we noted that he played well with kids.

He also has a friend whom he tells us of everyday.

4. When he reads the first sentence

I think we have always read out to our son since he was really young.

We were anxious to have him read.

Today, he reads and if there is something that he is not able to, he will signal you to help him.

Great moments those.

5. When he tells you a story in a chronological way despite the long time it takes

He was a lover of cocomelon from a very young age.

In fact it got us worried and we even regulated the amount of screen time he had.

So there is this musical story about a lazy grasshopper who was playing a fiddle all through the summer and during winter he had nothing to eat. He had to ask for some food from his ant friends.

My son loved that story and everytime we had a family storytelling session, this would be his go-to story.

Of course it took long for him to tell in in a chronological way.

But we all chimed in through the fi-de-do de-da-dee chorus.

You can see the Cocomelon song here:

6. When he remembers to tell you of a report from school

I have the habit of asking him what he was told in preschool and I am really glad when he volunteers the information.

7. When he cries the moment you leave the house

Sometimes last year, I was working very many miles from home. I would only be there every other weekend.

The boy would literally cry see me leave.

Broke my heart but warmed me too.

I felt needed.

8. When he hugs you on your way back and rummages your bag

When I get home from work, my son is the first person who meets me at the door. Well, to meet me there, he has to first stop concentrating on the spongebob show that he was binge-watching and meet Daddy.

At most times, he will run at me, hug me and start rummaging through my bag.

On the rare ocassions when I have a bread in hand, he will just take the bread and make his way to the kitchen.

If I have nothing, then I know that he will rummage through my bag looking for what daddy brought.

Well, this brings much joy into my heart.

But why?

Because sometimes back, it was as though the boy would not recognise my entrance into the house. He would be too engrossed in his toy play to notice me.

9. When he offered me a cup of tea

I think I did a write-up of the first time my son offered me a cup of tea after I got home.

I actually wrote a post on the same here because it really warmed my heart.