Are you a Parent of a Speech Delayed Child?

6 years ago, my wife delivered a bouncing baby boy. 

He looked exactly like me.

I was overjoyed!


I named him after my father.

He was a happy baby in all ways and brought joy to the homestead.

2 years later though, I was a bit concerned.

The boy was not speaking.

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He had hit all the physical milestones just like other infants but when it came to speech, he was not doing too well. He was also not responding to his name.

Could he be autistic?

I dug into research and recommended all the things I unearthed to my wife to do.

"Talk to him"

"Play with him"

"Read him bedtime stories"

"Take him to play with other kids"

"Give him some fish oil"


I did everything that I thought a responsible father ought to do.


He still did not talk.

6 years later, my son leads us in prayers before meals.

It has not been easy.

It has taken sacrifice and intentional actions to get the boy here.

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Love the weekly tips

The weekly tips on speech therapy at home have helped me immensely with my child

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I relate with this!

I am happy to find an email list that I can relate with. My son is 4 years and I relate so much with what happened to your son