The BEST sensory board for child with autism [2023]

Kids with autism have tactile needs that could best be addressed through sensory toys. The average parent with a child on the autism spectrum disorder can only afford a few sensory toys since they will have to spend some good money in a good preschool that creates an individualized education program for the child, special diet as well as regular trips to the speech therapist and occupational therapist.

The parent will also have to spend money buying noise cancelling earbuds for the kid as well as weighted garments that help them fight anxiety. A toy that addresses all tactile needs is therefore crucial and money saving. Luckily, parents with kids on the spectrum can buy sensory boards online or if they are the hands-on time, they can as well make their diy sensory boards.

Why buy a sensory board for child with autism


Sensory boards are engaging for kids on autism. They will spend lots of time playing with the latches, pulling the zipper up and down, spinning wheels and will be engrossed by the beautiful lights on the board.

Address tactile needs

A child with autism has sensory needs that are best addressed by a sensory board.

Better cognitive ability

A child on the spectrum is able to better their cognitive ability playing with a sensory board.

Better fine motor skills

Sensory boards encourage the child to touch and fiddle around with the play things. While touching, the child is able to fine touch their motor skills so that they do so with precision and accuracy.

Educational value

A sensory board also doubles up as an educational toy for your child with autism. This is because other than engaging their senses, they may be able to learn numbers and counting especially if you got them a board with numbers and an abacus.

Best sensory boards for children on the autism spectrum disorder

  1. Brainuptoys wooden activity board

brainuptoys sensory board for child with autism

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Loaded with spin wheels, an abacus, gear wheels, locks and colorful numbers, the brainuptoys wooden activity board is the ideal sensory board for your kid on the spectrum. Other than addressing their tactile needs, the board will also act as a good educational aid since the child will learn numbers and counting.

As a parent travelling with a kid on the ASD, things can get really tricky since the kid will not give you any breathing space. But when you have this board, you can rest assured that they will relax and be engaged as they move those locks, turn those gears and play with that abacus.


  • Engaging—the kid is really amused using the toy as they learn cause and effect.
  • Educational—other than being a sensory toy, the kid learns a lot
  • Durable—Made on durable plywood, the board will last for long giving you value for your money


  • The numbers came off the board within a week. This is really dangerous as a young child might try to swallow them.
  1. Foxfamilyboutique

Foxfamilyboutique wooden sensory board

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If you are looking for a simplistic sensory board for that young kid between 1 to 2 years, then this foxfamilyboutique could be a good consideration. Made up of latches and locks, the board will teach the child on cause and effect. It will also help them learn that for a door to open, they have to open the lock. Quite engagingly designed, the toy will be a good play thing for that time you are travelling and want your kid to give you a peace of mind.


  • Will address the sensory needs of your young one
  • Durable
  • Beautifully designed


  • Simplistic and could easily bore older children
  • Quite tiny board
  1. Sensory Play Blue Tractor

Sensory Play Blue Tractor

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Other than the boringly square sensory boards, there are designers who go out of their way to make boards in the shape of vehicles. The blue tractor sensory board is just but an example. Other than the alluring shape, the board also comes with engaging latches, spin wheels, calculators, abacus and zippers; things that are indeed going to keep your kid amused.

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  • Nice design with a good set of engaging parts
  • Educational especially for kids keen on counting


  • You need to watch lest the parts come off which could be health hazards for a small kid

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