Are You a Parent of a Speech Delayed Child?

We have been there.

We understand you.

Our Story

I have raised a kid with speech delay. And it has been tough.  

Once you realize that you are not alone, you get the bravado to keep afloat. You become bold enough to face everyday with fortitude and zeal.

It even gets enjoyable seeing your special kid. Knowing that they are special in their own way. It is encouraging seeing your kid growing and battling whatever problem they had.

You can read an ebook here on how Thomas Sowell was able to help his child speak here

Topics We Blog About

Here are the topics that I have extensively blogged about:

speech delay and screen time for toddlers below 2 years

Speech Delay

We talk about how to identify speech delay and strategies to get your kid talking.

trampoline therapy for autism

Virtual Autism

We talk about the effect of too much screentime and the effect it can have on your child

best toys for nonverbal autism 2 year old

Receptive Language Disorder

We talk about instances when your child does not understand what they are told and this affects their speech

autism vs late talking

Expressive Language Disorder

We talk of instances when the child understands what they are told but has a problem vocalizing themselves.

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We have been there

They say experience is the best teacher. We have been there and therefore the best to advise.

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At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child’s success is the positive involvement of parents.

Jane. D Hull

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