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Are you a parent with a special needs child?

We know that living with your special needs child can be hard. That’s why we created TheMonterabbi to give parents helpful tips on how to live with their children who have autism spectrum disorder or cerebral palsy. We also look at how to do speech therapy at home for late talking kids.

You deserve the best life possible, and so does your child! Check out our site today for some great advice on living with your special needs kid.

Here is a free gift to parents of late talkers. An ebook written by a parent whose child was a late talker and they were worried stiff that they were autistic.

Soon, they realized that it was just late language emergence. If your child is suffering from this Einstein syndrome, grab the ebook by signing up here:

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Let’s talk about autism!

It is something that most parents are living with in their homes but shy away from talking about. They would rather talk of other things like how their children are developing holistically, how they beat others in the soccer game, how they did well in the SATs.

But autism is here with others.

And it manifests itself in different ways from nonverbal to poor social interaction, kids doing one task repeatedly and not having empathy. There are also those who have sensory overload and will therefore avoid going to concerts, parties or rowdy places unless they have headphones for autism.

In our blog we also talk about how to differentiate between late talking vs autism because they are two very different things. Sometimes, a doctor might label your kid as autistic while in fact, they have the einstein syndrome.

We also talk of things that might be delaying your kid from expressing themselves verbally all the way from overdependence on tech as well as simple language delay.

cerebral palsy kid with parent

Other than autism, we also look at cerebral palsy and we are trying to explore how to better their quality of life as well as give their parents a piece of mind.

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