Small But Steady Steps in Speech Therapy

When we realized that our son was a late talker, we panicked.

I think most parents can identify with this, right?

But we knew that we had to help him out.

So we invested heavily in toys as well as activities that would help him out.

Most of these, he didn’t like.

And he would break them at the earliest opportunity.

And then there are those he loved so much.

For sometime, I was afraid that he was autistic.

Thanks God, assessment showed that he wasn’t.

My wife was really keen on play therapy.

She would play with the kid while trying to get him to talk.

It was really hard seeing her do this without him uttering a word.

But she didn’t give up.

Other kids also played with the boy.

I remember we had some alphabetical and numbers chart in the house.

Due to much repetition memorizing the charts, the boy learned them by heart.

Going to school, we still pushed to get the boy read.

What I know now is that with persistence and discipline, the journey might be hard but it is going in the right direction.