Voice Activated Toys Speech Therapy

Voice-activated toys are the best for speech therapy. They help children in interacting and also learning how to speak. There are a variety of toys available but make sure that you check the features before making a purchase. Features like the talk-back feature and voice recording are important for your speech therapy toys. The most important thing is to make sure that the toys are fun since kids get bored very fast. In this article, I will give you a guide on buying the best speech therapy toys and also give you some reviews to help you make the right choice.

10 Best Voice Activated Toys Speech Therapy

  1. Yunaking Baby Toys 12-18 Months Dancing Cat Toddlers Toys for 1-Year-Old Boys Girls with Music & Recording Kids Interactive Early Learning Educational Toys

This dancing cat is a good speech therapy toy for toddlers. It has a talking back mode so it is great for interacting with your child. Apart from being a speech therapy toy, it is great for kids who are learning to walk and crawl. Since it is a moving toy, the child will be following it everywhere helping them to crawl or even learn how to walk.

For interaction with your baby, the dancing cat produces music, lights, and sound. This is important for kids who are learning how to talk and interact with the world. For speech therapy, the cat produces funny sounds for your baby to imitate. Your child will learn music, rhythm, and even language by playing with the dancing cat.


  • Non-toxic ABS good quality plastic
  • Multiple functions such as dance and talk back
  • Music, lights, and sound
  • Wheels and smart bumps to avoid obstacles


  • Good for speech therapy with talk back feature
  • Help with motion, movement, and motor skills
  • Durable material
  • Safe with non-toxic BPA material


  • Does not come with a battery
  • 98K Kids Robot Toy, Smart Talking Robots, Gift for Boys and Girls Age 3+, Intelligent Partner and Teacher, with Voice Controlled and Touch Sensor

The smart-talking robot toy is voice-controlled. It is a good friend to your child since it provides interaction and play. This is a multi-function toy that can be talk, play music, dance, and teach your child different skills.

For speech therapy, it has a voice recorder that helps the child mimic the voice to help them learn how to talk. The smart toy is easy to use since it comes with a sensor and microphone for easy operation. Older kids above the age of 3, can use it without help from parents.

At first look, you will love the minimalist and compact look of this toy. You can carry it when going on trips since it is lightweight too. The exterior is made with ABS plastic so it is safe for kids even if they put it in the mouth. It is ASTM F963 certified so it meets all the safety standards for toys.


  • Solid plastic exterior
  • Sing, dance, talk, and play features
  • Voice command control
  • Battery operated
  • Minimalist compact design


  • Portable – lightweight and compact design
  • Multiple functions to keep your child busy as they learn
  • Easy to use with sensors and voice commands
  • Safe for kids with a non-toxic BPA-free plastic


  • You need to buy batteries separately
  • Dimple DC13991 Interactive Robot Puppy with Wireless Remote Control Kids Robotic Toy Electronic Pet RC Animal Dog Toy

This interactive robot puppy is great for learning, fun, and play. It comes with remote control and a USB cable for charging. It can speak, dance, fart, sing, and also has LED eye modes. The robot puppy plays learning songs that are useful during interactive play.

Using the remote control you can switch to different modes during play. It has easy buttons such as sing, dance, crawl, fart, and others. For speech therapy, this will be a helpful toy because your child can mimic the sounds so that they can learn how to speak. The toy can be used for hours and your child will have a new best friend.


  • Wireless remote control operation
  • USB charging
  • LED eye modes
  • Different modes such as play, sing, dance, and fart


  • Cute almost realistic design
  • Good for speech therapy as well as learning
  • Easy to use with remote control
  • Easy to charge with USB charger
  • Intelligent toy


  • Might be a little too loud
  • Qwifyu Talking Hamster, Interactive Stuffed Plush Animal Talking Toy Cute Sound Effects with Repeats Your Said Voice, Best Buddy for Kids

The Qwifyu Talking Hamster is a cute toy made with a soft plush material. It is an interactive toy that will keep your child busy for hours and at the same time help them with learning. This is a perfect choice for kids above four years and it is battery operated. At the bottom of the toy, we have an on and off button that can be used to operate the hamster.

Your kids will love the cute toy that has the shape of a real-life hamster and has a plush material. It is safe for kids above four years and the material does not cause any irritation. This is a fun gift and it will encourage your child to speak more since it repeats all the words that you say.


  • Made with plush material and ABS plastic
  • Battery operated with 3x AAA battery
  • Cute almost realistic design
  • Responds to touch


  • Easy to operate by touching it.
  • Mimic sounds to encourage your child to speak
  • Beautiful design
  • Made with safe materials
  • Help with learning and fun


  • The battery compartment needs to be opened with a screwdriver.
  • Dancing Cactus Toys, Talking Dancing Cactus Plush Toy Electronic Shake Toys, Repeat English Songs Plush Cactus Toys

The dancing cactus is the perfect choice for pre-school children. It can sing, dance, and talk so it is a very interactive toy. Apart from being a great toy for kids, it looks good in your home. It has the shape of a cactus and a pot so when it is not in use it looks like a home décor item. To help in speech therapy, the children can sing along and repeat the song to aid in speech.

It is a battery-operated toy and you will need a screwdriver to open the battery compartment. The toy is made using a plush material so it is soft to touch and also safe for your kids. Your child will remain entertained with the 120 songs on the toy. It will also encourage them to stay active by dancing along with the cactus.


  • Beautiful plush material
  • The realistic look of cactus
  • Sing, talk, and dance
  • Battery operated


  • Safe toy for kids of all ages including preschoolers
  • Interactive toy that will keep the kids busy
  • Encourage your child to speak and follow along to songs
  • Can act as home décor


  • You need a screwdriver to put batteries
  • Infant Toys Dancing Baby Musical Toys for 6 12 18 24-Month-Old Boys and Girls with Sounds Music Songs and Voice Recordings

This learning toy is great for children who want to learn languages. It has a voice recording option so you can set short recordings of 10 seconds to help your child to learn. Your child can also make recordings to help with the learning process. If you want to introduce your children to music this is also a good toy for kids because it has pre-recorded music for them.

It is made using ABS plastic material so it is safe for kids. Since it is ideal for young kids, it does not have detachable parts that can be swallowed. The toy requires batteries to work and is operated using on and off buttons. It is a small and compact toy that you can carry anywhere.


  • Sold ABS plastic material
  • Battery operation
  • Voice recording features
  • On and of button design
  • Voice recording


  • Good for learning languages
  • Safe for kids with ABS plastic and no removable parts
  • Helps the kids with motion since it is a dancing toy
  • Compact design easy to carry


  • Ideal for young kids under 2 years.
  • Bluey – 12″ Talking Bingo Plush

The Bluey – 12″ Talking Bingo Plush

The Bluey – 12″ Talking Bingo Plush is made with soft high-quality fabric. This toy makes sound and also plays theme songs. If you want the toy to make sounds you need to press the tummy. It has nine phrases that are important for speech therapy. For children who are learning how to talk, they can repeat the sounds and phrases made by the toy.

Apart from being used for learning how to talk, the toy is good for music and interaction. You will love the soft high-quality polyester and careful stitching to come up with this good quality toy. It is multi-colored and might require cleaning after some time. When cleaning use a piece of damp cloth as opposed to throwing it in the washing machine.


  • Polyester fabric
  • 9 phrases, sounds, and theme songs
  • Cute, soft, and cuddly


  • Good toy for interaction
  • Soft and cuddly
  • Sounds to help with speech therapy


  • Limited music
  • Yellow Duck Robot Plush Stuffed Animal Interactive, Talking Pet Toy Repeat What You Say Electronic Pet

This yellow duck robot is made using a polyester material and it is battery operated. It is a talking pet so it is ideal for speech therapy in kids learning language and how to speak. The toy will dance, talk and will also allow you to record. This is a fun toy that shakes so it is ideal for interactive play.

The recording function is one of the best features of this toy. It helps in language development since the kids and parents can record voices to help with learning. This toy is ideal for kids who are above three years since it needs some knowledge to operate. The fur from the toy might also not be ideal for young kids


  • Battery operated with a cover
  • Soft plush material
  • Dance, talk, and record features
  • About 250g


  • Interactive toy that talks, chirps, and make sounds
  • Good for language learning with recording abilities
  • Cute toy for all kids
  • Lightweight and can be used for travel


  • Does not come with batteries so you need to buy them separately
  • Sesame Street Tickliest Tickle Me, Elmo, Laughing, Talking

The Tickle-me Elmo toy is the perfect fun toy. It will keep your child playing and laughing for hours. As the name suggests, the toy works by tickling it. When you tickle the Elmo, it rolls down laughing making your child laugh too. It is an interactive toy that is almost like a best friend for your child. The Elmo toy is ideal for toddlers and preschoolers who understand the interactive play.

Apart from being a toy for playing, this is a good toy for learning languages. For children who are going through speech therapy, the toy can aid in learning how to speak. It has both English and Spanish phrases so your child can imitate them to learn how to speak.


  • Plush soft and cuddly materials
  • Sensitive to touch and tickles
  • Speaks several phrases
  • Stuffed toy design


  • Hilarious and fun toy – your should will laugh so much
  • Interactive play to keep the child busy
  • Soft and cuddly material that feels good
  • Ideal for learning languages since it speaks phrases


  • Might not be ideal for very young kids
  1. Disney Pixar Toy Story Alien Interactive Talking Action Figure

The Disney Pixar Toy is made with hard plastic and it is the perfect choice for toddlers. It is a movie-inspired toy so lovers of Disney movies will love the toy. For speech therapy, this is a good choice because it is a talking toy. It has different phrases so your child can mimic the toy when learning how to speak. The toy is multicolored so it will be very attractive for kids. With a compact design, it will be easy to carry it everywhere you want to go.


  • Multi-colored design
  • Made with hard plastic
  • Says seven phrases


  • Good for speech therapy since it says different phrases
  • Cute and multi-colored deal for kids
  • Durable since it is made with hard plastic
  • Carry it around since it is compact.

How to choose voice-activated speech therapy toys

Talking feature

The talking feature is very important when choosing voice-activated toys for speech therapy. You need to get a toy that has different phrases for the child to mimic. Most kids learn how to speak by mimicking. If they keep playing with the toy they will start mimicking the words said by the toy. This is also important for the child to learn different languages. We have toys that have different phrases and songs to help the child.

Voice recording

A toy with voice recording is always an added advantage. The voice recording is important because both parents and children can use I to record the phrases that they need to learn. As a parent, you can record different phrases and your child will keep listening and practicing until they get them right. Unfortunately, most of the toys do not have this feature.

Songs and dancing

There is power in music so buying a toy with some songs might be helpful. Doctors sometimes use music therapy to help kids in speech therapy. If the toy has some songs and dancing your child will love it more. It is a great way to learn and also break the monotony in the learning process. We have toys with 100s of songs so you do not have to get bored with just a few songs.


When choosing speech therapy toys for your kids make sure that they are age-appropriate. We have toys that are meant for toddlers and others are meant for older kids. Buying age-appropriate toys will help you to avoid accidents. It is also important so that the child can enjoy all the benefits of the toy. Some toys are a little bit difficult to operate so they are ideal for older kids.


Safety is an important aspect when choosing toys for kids. When it comes to safety you need to check the material used to make the toy as well as detachable parts. If you have very young kids below three years then you will need to get a toy with safe materials in case your child decides to put the toy in their mouth. When buying a toy make sure that it is made with BPA-free material even when containing plastic.

Mode of powering.

Most of the voice-activated toys Use batteries. The toys will not come with batteries so you need to buy them separately. We also have toys that come with a USB charger. The method of powering that you choose will depend on your preference and what is important to you.

Fun and interactive

Always make sure that you choose fun and interactive toys. The toys should keep the child busy for hours. If the child starts getting bored then they will not benefit from the toy.