7 Excitingly Fun things to do at a trampoline park

fun things to do at a park trampoline

Trampoline therapy has been found to help kids with autism. Adults could also use it for their fitness. If you have hyperactive kids, you could take them to a trampoline park so that they can spend their excess energy while also having fun. For most people, getting a mini trampoline for their indoors might not … Read more

The bellicon rebounder review

bellicon rebounder review

Trampolines are a great way to have your autistic kid expending their excess energy, build their muscular strength as well as exercise their motor skills. As they play on the trampoline kids with adhd or autism are also going to try to interact with their peers as they claim to have their turn on the … Read more

Autism Climbing furniture and holds

We have seen that some autistic kids will want to climb on house furniture, trees and walls all the time. No matter how much you warn them or complain about it, they will still want to do it. It can be dangerous and you therefore have to find a way to stop this risky climbing.  … Read more

How to stop an autistic child from jumping

kid jumping on bed

Kids Jumping is not really bad. But is it in a safe place? Kids jump because they want to release excess energy in their systems. It could also be that they are excited about something. Jumping is not necessarily a bad thing. Just like climbing, it is a sign that your child is developing their … Read more

13 Mini trampoline activities for your Autistic child

mini trampoline activities

After you have bought the mini trampoline of choice, it is high time that you got your kid engaged in some sports on it. The trampoline has been an excellent tool for rebound therapy that will engage your child’s motor skills while reinforcing their muscular growth. You will also see that your child can use … Read more

How to stop an autistic child from climbing

We received an email from a troubled parent about an autistic kid who is constantly climbing on chairs, tables and trees. While that might sound lame, it can get dangerous when the child climbs on top of the house or high up on tall trees. This gets you all worked up and really fearful knowing … Read more

Bluetooth Headphones for Autistic Kids

A  good pair of bluetooth headphones can go a long way in improving the life of an autistic kid? If your child is autistic, you will have to find out whether they struggle putting up with loud noises or whether they would like to have nice music playing into their ears while muffling outside noise. … Read more

Are trampolines safe for toddlers?

We have written a definitive guide on the therapeutic benefits of trampolines to kids with autism and ADHD. We have also seen how rebounding can actually strengthen a child’s lower limbs as well as improve their motor proficiency. And to cap it all, trampolines are real fun not only for kids but also for adults. … Read more

Trampoline therapy for autism

Every morning, here at our school, special education teachers are walking children with ASD around the compound. At times, the kids will be carrying bags filled with weights. They will also ask them to run around the field a few times so that they can be manageable. The hyperactivity of ASD kids is highly felt … Read more