Did I Cause my Child Speech Delay? 

A common question parents ask their child’s speech therapists is,” did I cause my child speech delay”? Often, parents blame their engaged schedules as a cause of their child’s speech delay. But, there are many speech delay causes; you don’t have to blame yourself or carry the guilt. I remember two years ago, I was … Read more

Tips to help your late talker in 2022

If your child is a late talker, one thing that you probably have resolved this year is to have them speak more, right? Well, in this article, we are going to explore tips to help them develop receptive and expressive language skills. So, here we go: Sing songs with them You will find that your … Read more

Voice Activated Toys Speech Therapy

Voice-activated toys are the best for speech therapy. They help children in interacting and also learning how to speak. There are a variety of toys available but make sure that you check the features before making a purchase. Features like the talk-back feature and voice recording are important for your speech therapy toys. The most … Read more

The Best 10 Sensory Mats For Autism [in 2022]

Sensory mats are necessary toys for kids with autism. They will help with stress relief and also keep them busy while playing for hours. Good sensory mats should be textured to offer the sensation that is needed to keep them engaged. There are different sensory mats out there but the trick is to make sure … Read more

4 Facebook groups for parents with late talking children

One recommendation that we made while writing home remedies for late talking children is that parents need to form support groups where they discuss and share their challenges. While it might not be possible to do that locally with the social gatherings bans, work schedules and unavailability of parents with similar needs in your area, … Read more

How Many Words at 15 Months?

how many months at 15 months

Language and speech development milestones are related to receptive language and expressive language. Most communication skills develop rapidly in your child’s first year of life. With time your child will learn how to express him/herself, understand when you communicate with them, and how to respond to you. However, this will take place before your child … Read more

How Many Words at 20 Months?

As a parent, your child’s first words are magical sounding like music n your ears. However, children achieve speech and language milestones differently. But the question is, how can you tell your child’s speech and language are on the right track? Every child is different, but there are general milestones that can guide you on … Read more

9 Useful Non-Verbal Autism Apps for Android [2022]

Touchscreen tablets and smartphones are as important as toys for nonverbal children with autism. Parents and educators are changing how they are teaching their children communication and daily skills with technology advancement. If you need an app for nonverbal communication, the market is saturated with special education apps. These apps target all kinds of disabilities. … Read more

5 Healthy Recipes for Picky Eaters

Although toddlers are picky eaters many times children with autism have symptoms that lead to difficulty in eating some foods and picky eating. This makes it difficult to introduce new tastes and new foods. However, while some children struggle with hot or cold foods, others may like certain food textures, colors, or become very difficult … Read more

5 Practical Autism Anger Management Techniques

Anger is a normal feeling for everyone where we feel it and learn to cope with it. However, it can be hard to manage for a child with an autism spectrum disorder because of the meltdowns that they will portray. It might be impossible for a person with autism to recognize the feeling of anger. … Read more