2 Awesome Sites to Get Speech therapy for kids online

Thanks to the Internet, one does not necessarily have to attend physical speech therapy sessions. No, as long as you have Internet connectivity at your home, you can book virstual sessions that are going to be delivered to you at the comfort of your home. We are going to explore some of the most popular … Read more

How to Get Speech Therapy for Kids Online

When I bore my second born son, joy filled my household. Here was a bouncing baby boy whom I would name after my husband’s father as our culture dictates. I loved him so much with a love that is only common between a mother and her son. And he grew up fast. Played hard. Laughed … Read more

10 Proven Home Remedies for a late talking child

Bringing up a child is no child’s play. Bringing up a late talker is harder. There will be people asking why your kid is not talking. Others saying that you did not talk enough to your kid when they were young. And then there is this legion of people saying that your kid must be … Read more

New year activities for late talkers

It is that time of the year when everyone is making new year resolutions. Yes, because making resolutions is a cool thing to do. New Year Resolutions for Parents with Late talking Kids You should not leave your late talking child behind. Let them also relish the moments of seeing things anew. And this will … Read more

How to toilet train a late talking child

Child preparing to sit on the potty

When you have a late talker, one hectic thing is training them to use the toilet. They seem untrainable. Incorrigible even. One minute you are making progress and then the next, they have failed in all the trials. Accidents are bound to happen when potty training, right? Yes, but your late talking kid seems to … Read more

3 Free Speech Apps for Late talkers

When you realize that your kid has speech delay, you will be doing everything to make sure that they have as much vocabularies to learn at their disposal. You are going to go out with the kid, have them play with others and while indoors, you will want to engage in activities that help them … Read more

Child not talking at 3: What to do?

When your child is still not talking at three years or not talking full sentences, you need to get worried. Actually, you ought to have gotten worried long time ago when they were still two. But hey, now that they have already celebrated their third birthday and are still nonverbal, you need to start taking … Read more

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals for Late Talkers

Black Friday day is here and you must be looking forward to getting great deals for your late talking kids, right? Well, we are going to look at some great Amazon deals that will surely make their day as well as color their Christmas holiday. So let’s jump into looking at what to buy them: … Read more