Speech Delay Books for Toddlers

As a parent, it’s important to embrace reading to your child. Reading is an important way to explore language and connect objects with words. Especially for a child with speech delay, it is an important tool to help in speech development. Again, it is important to start cultivating a reading culture for your child as … Read more

When Should a Child Say Their Name?

Children achieve development milestones differently. However, during the first year, it is likely your child will recognize their name before he/she can say it. Why? because understanding speech skills and talking skills develop differently over unique timelines. As early as 4-6 months your child may recognize their name. But they will not be able to … Read more

Best Indoor Trampolines for Sensory Processing Disorder [2022]

sensory processing trampoline for indoor purposes

The best indoor trampoline for sensory processing disorder is useful to satisfy your kids and teens with ADHD, Autism, or sensory integration disorder sensory needs. They are most useful in school for a quick sensory break, at the clinic, and at home during the rainy/cold days. However, to get a suitable indoor sensory trampoline is … Read more

10 [BEST] Adaptive Bikes for Autism in 2022

adaptive bikes for autism

Children with special needs may have challenges with bike riding. Everything seems to be difficult like trying to coordinate balance, pedaling, and steering. However, there are adaptive bikes for autism, cerebral palsy, down syndrome, and more. These bikes offer a sense of freedom and mobility while strengthening coordination, balance, and other skills. Again, there are … Read more

When Do Late Talkers Catch Up?

To begin with “who is a late talker? A late talker can be defined as a toddler between 30 months with less vocabulary for his or her age but is progressing normally otherwise. Many times it is easy to assume that these children don’t need extra assistance since they seem to catch up on their … Read more

Are Late Talkers Less Intelligent? NO!!

Talking is one of the most significant milestones in your child’s development and growth. More so, getting to hear your child talk is the most magical moment in parenthood. However, when a toddler shows signs of delayed or limited speech and vocabulary most times becomes a concern to parents. Speech delays vary in severity from … Read more

Separation Anxiety in Autism

separation anxiety in autism

Have you dealt with anxiety at any one time? How was the experience? Terrible? Right. There are several forms of anxiety with separation as the most common. Children with autism are greatly affected by separation anxiety, and it can be difficult to reduce its negative effects for both the parent and the child. Separation anxiety … Read more

Best Alternative Seating for ADHD [in 2022]

hammock for adhd seating

A study conducted by Pediatric Physical therapy involving 47 grade 2 pupils with ADHD showed that alternative sitting on balls improved their attention, memory and social interactivity. A learner with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) has attention difficulty, and self-control. At school, this can look like distractibility, inattention, hyper reactivity, disorganizations, and impulsivity. However, these learners … Read more

Toddlers Speech Delay Exercises

A normal two-year-old can speak in two and three sentences, saying up to 50 words. As they approach 3 years, they are speaking in three and four words, with vocabularies increasing up to 1000 words. These developmental milestones help to measure progress in children. Though, each child’s growth is different and unique. If your toddler … Read more

Games to Help Late Talkers Talk

games for late talkers

The best way to teach and learn is to include some fun. However, games are a great way to develop and improve kids’ skills in all developmental areas. More so, children with language processing problems, speech delays, reading comprehension challenges, and any other language and speech issues. They benefit greatly from playing games both at … Read more