In this section, we look at autism spectrum disorder and the different toys that kids who are on the spectrum can use as part of their behavioral therapy. Of key concern are the toys for autistic kids who are nonverbal. These toys are audio and encourage imitating the sounds made by the toys. They also encourage social interaction so that the kid can relate well with others.

Autistic kids are also very sensitive to sounds as well as lights. They will want to use noise cancelling devices such as headphones or even non conspicuous earbuds that muffle out the excess noise. These devices can be used in movie theatres, classes, school dinner hall or even in a noisy bus when the kid wants to focus on something but they are unable to do so because of the excessive noise.

Kids with ASD have been found to be really anxious and at most times they do fidget. For example, when the kid is taken to new places, they will often snap their fingers, move their head continuously or move up and down. The worst case scenario would be them having a meltdown.

Well, parents can avoid this by getting the kid some good sensory toys that are going to control the fidgeting. One of the awesome anxiety toys is the sensory board for kids with autism.

Since autistic kids tend to be very active, we have also reviewed some trampolines that would help them with their hyperactivity.

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