Christmas Gifts for Late Talking Toddlers

It took some time before my three year old son formulated his very first words. I think it was when he was two when he would say ‘baba’ and ‘mama’. And then the rest of his words were just incomprehensible babble. This got me worried. Of course it would get any parent worried especially when … Read more

Lessons From Raising An Introvert Late Talker

Children who are late talkers have relatively good developmental milestones in time but have a problem with language development specifically speech delays. They have achieved milestones like feeding self, walking crawling, can play with other kids, thinking can understand but has limited expression using words. While speech problems may be closely associated with genetic conditions, … Read more

Christmas gifts for Autism

The Christmas season is fast approaching and this is a good time to think of the gifts that you need to get for your little ones so that they can have a fun-filled, exciting and memory holiday. But things might have been tough for you over the year and most probably, you do not have … Read more

Distraction Toys for Autism

Autism usually goes along with sensory matters. Oren Steinberg_ the cofounder of Sensory Treat_ together with Amy Owens, Executive Director of Infant Toddler Services of Johnson County, says that sensory-based intrusion has been shown to be of great help. Occupational psychotherapists recommend use of sensory toys which work to stimulate a child’s five common senses … Read more

Board Games For Kids with Autism

A board game is a game that consist of movement of counters or other stuffs round a board. Autistic kids have a broad range of circumstances which includes challenges with social skills, monotonous deeds and non-verbal communication. Research shows that early intervention can advance learning skills and communication as well as underlying brain growth. Parents … Read more

Receptive Language Disorder Strategies

What is Receptive language delay? According to InterMountainHealthcare, receptive language disorder is when a child has trouble understanding words and so will have a problem processing them. While they are able to read and hear words, they are not able to connect their meaning. A simple rule of the thumb in speech therapy is that … Read more

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones for Autism

If you are looking for a high end noise reduction solution as a gift for an autistic teenager, then the bose noise cancelling headphones for autism do surely fit the bill. People with autism usually have sensory processing disorder where they will be overstimulated by noises, sights and smells from the outside world. While you … Read more

Is it safe to wear noise cancelling headphones for Autism?

When you have a kid with sensory processing disorder such as autism, you will find lots of online content as well as specialists who advise that you get your kid some noise cancelling headphones. One question that will constantly nag your mind is whether noise cancelling is safe for kids with sensory processing disorder and … Read more

The nemechek protocol for autism and developmental disorders

One of the people who has given high hopes to parents whose children are on the autism spectrum disorder has to be Dr. Patrick Nemechek. And according to the feedback as well as the nemechek protocol reviews that you will find on Amazon, it probably does a good job. What Nemechek argues in this book … Read more

Famous Late Talkers: It is not Always Autism

While Albert Einstein was arguably one of the most intelligent scientists that ever graced the face of the earth, it is interesting to note that he was a late talker. Yes, it is actually said that he did not speak till the age of four. And he was only fully eloquent when he turned nine. … Read more