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Inspiring Potty Training Chairs For Boys

Potty training can be a hard nut to crack.

Especially when you do not have the right tools to nail it.

I have experienced how tough it can get with my speech delayed boy and I would not wish any other parent to go through the headache of trying to do it right.

I have therefore written extensively on the tips to follow as well as the common pitfalls that you need to avoid.

Today, I want to talk about some really cute and inspiring potty training chairs for boys that I have seen being sold at amazon.

Lets get down to them!

  1. Unseki Dinosaur Themed Potty Chair

What I loved about the design was it looks fun, comfy and inviting to your boy. The dinosaur theme is indeed going to endear itself to your boy.

At the same time, the potty is made of soft plastic material. The base is anti-skid rubber such that it stands firmly on the floor and will not topple your kids over as they sit on it. It comes in different colors and therefore you can go for one that rocks your boy’s boat!

2. Sesame Street Cookie Monster Potty Chair

Let your kiddo feel like a little man by using this Sesame Street Cookie monster potty chair that easily converts into a step stool so that they can use the adults toilet with ease. Great for when they are preparing to graduate to the big toilet, this potty gives your kid a feel of being big and in control.

It features a pretend flush handle that plays the Cookie Monster voice to flush the toilet. I think that is great and fun for your kid, right?

3. Foryee Cute Potty Training Urinal with Funny Target

Looking to get your little boy use and love to use the urinal? Well, the Foryee cute potty training urinal is all that you need. Coming in awesome colors and with a funny frog aiming target, it will get your boy looking forward to aiming their pee at the frog everytime they feel the need for a number two.

The Foryee urinal is easy to install on any wall and also really easy to clean up.

4. Race Cat Potty

Does your kid hate using the potty but has an innate love for cars?

Well, this race cat potty is going to hit two birds with one stone: pique their interest in cars as well as get them to use the potty. With a non-skid base and being easy to clean, this race car potty will endear itself to your boy while at the same time ensuring that your kid is safe.

5. Spidey and His Amazing Friends Potty Chair

If your kiddo loves Spidey and his amazing friends, then this potty chair is what you are looking for. It is versatile in that it acts as a potty and can also act as a step stool if you want your kid to use the regular toilet with some bit of helo.

James Njenga
James Njenga