dont hush my son let him be

Don’t Hush My Son! Let Him Be!

I do not know whether you would relate with this.

So last Saturday, I was traveling in a public service vehicle with my family–wife, daughter and my 7 year old son. We had just left a church recollection where we had a great experience.

So on the way back, my son is so chatty all the way that one woman sitting next to us asks him to lower his voice as he interjects one sentence after the other.

He continues talking.

She tries to hush him again.

He continues chatting animatedly.

I do not intervene.

Probably she thinks that I am a badly behaved dad.

Maybe she thinks that I should tell him to hush.

That I am irresponsible and spoiling my kid.

But hey, look here. It took so long to have this boy speak.

Why should I stand between him and his being chatty?

Let him yap. Let him chat about everything under the sun. Let him describe his tongue. Let him describe his boxers. Let him describe his poop. Let him describe who beat him during the day. Let him talk about his lunch.

Heck, let him be!

Have you ever had moments like such? Reply to let me know what you did or how you would have reacted were you in my shoes.

Anyway, have a great time.