Hooray! My son dressed himself up for school today

You know, we rarely appreciate or ponder about the little great things that happen in our lives. Well, today I had one of those moments. My son dressed himself for school

You see, since he opened school for the new year, I am the one who has been preparing him for school. (My wife has not been feeling well and so I had to hold the fort as best as I could.)

Fortunately since last week, I have been working from home and so it was not such a big deal.

Today, though, I had to go to work and so I felt that I could get all his clothes and instruct him to dress up.

Well, I was not so sure that he would do it well.

And so after I was done showering, I was surprised to see that he had actually done it well!

It was a great moment for me. I didn’t manage to capture the moment with a picture or video but I decided to write it down.

Because well, someone needs to put it on record.

It also conjured up memories of when he first walked.

When he made his first full sentence after struggling for four years with late language emergence.

When he went on his first errand.

Anyway, my short post today is to challenge you to also still those moments either through snapshots, videos or just an entry in your diary journal.

And then when you feel down, you can always look back and feel encouraged about it all.

Have a great time guys