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Importance of hearing protection in the workplace

Did you know that the noise from an air compressor that registers over 95 db would only take 2 hours to cause you permanent hearing damage? Even better, powered saws that register over 110 db would only need 2 minutes to cause you permanent deafness! Well, now you know and that is why we need to explore the importance of hearing protection in the workplace, home and even at school for the young ones. But not all things are bad because we have noise cancelling devices

Why wear noise cancelling headphones at the workplace, home or at school?

The ingenuity behind active noise control and the embrace of noise cancelling headphones has in a great way come to save our old mother earth. I do not actually know how people were able to tolerate the hustles and bustles, the noise and the din that we have. Everyone and everything seems to be busy and there is so much rowdiness that is surrounding you no matter who you are or wherever you could be. The only quiet places are convents and monasteries and it is queer to find that even in such places, hell could break lose and noise would disturb the otherwise quiet environment.

To quieten the noise and bring back sanity into our world, noise reduction headphones and earplugs have been devised. Not everyone you see wearing these earmuffs is actually listening to some chic and pop music. No, they are escaping the noisy world and relaxing to a quiet place where their ears are not going to be perturbed by the hullabaloo and noises.

In this article, we explore various reasons why you need to wear noise cancelling earmuffs.

Silence the world. Be at peace

Sometimes, you just need to escape the loud din. You want to be alone in a quiet place where you can focus and meditate. But where do you go. Because even in those retreat centers where we thought we could escape to are now noisy and full of activities. To seek solace, you need not move up and down looking for a monastery or convent, no; just put on some noise cancelling earplugs.

To sleep

Some people are unable to sleep or find rest if there is even the slightest of noise around them. To cure their insomnia, they put on these earplugs that give them relaxation and afford them some zzzzs.

Shooting and hunting

If you are in archery, you know that you need to wear some ear protection earmuffs if at all you are to survive and still hear even after those marksman rounds. So the noise reduction earmuffs again play a key role here. Hunters would also require to don on these ear protection aids so as to relax and focus on their activities.

Autism and sensory processing disorders

People with autism have sensory overload; they find that they over process things such as light and sounds. To bring relaxation, they would require some nice headphones that would muffle out the unnecessary noise so that they can relax and also focus on one thing.

Noisy places and you need to concentrate

We all have noisy places surrounding us. Say for example night clubs and discos or at the welder’s workshop where there is a flurry of activities. In such places, you would need to don on earplugs so that you do not destroy your ears with the loud din. OSHA states that whenever you are in a place with over 85 decibels of noise for over 6 months, then you need to put on hearing protection aids.

James Njenga
James Njenga