Best Noise Cancelling headphones for autism in 2019

While you and I might find the sounds normal when we walk into the local stores, people with autism do not. In fact, they hate going to parties, school lunchrooms, soccer stadiums or any other social gatherings where there will be loud music or lots of people talking. The noise makes them irritated and distracted. They will not be able to concentrate on anything until they have some noise cancelling headphones or earbuds that eliminate the extraneous noise.

Because of this need, we are today going to look at the best noise cancelling headphones for autism. In our review, we look at the effectiveness of the headphones in eliminating background noise, ability to still hear conversations near you as well as the durability of the headphones. Design as well as comfort are also key when investing in the best headphones for autistics.

However when buying noise cancelling devices, you need to consider the environment of your child as well as where they are going to be wearing the noise cancelling headphones at. You do not want them to wear these devices if they are going to cross the road and fail to hear as cars honk them off the road since this could lead to accidents. Some of the places where the child can wear these headphones include:

–In the school cafeteria

–Movie theater


–School bus

–Shopping mall


Other than headphones which are not at all discrete, one can also use noise reduction earbuds that are more discrete so that you can eliminate noise in rowdy places without people noticing that you are wearing anything.

Noise Cancelling Headphones for Autistics

So without wasting time, let us delve into our gadgets.

  1. Decibel Defense

As the name suggests, these headphones defend your ears from the high decibel noise and deafening volume of blaring music in school parties. They come in different colors and the design too is well accentuated making them a great gift item for autistic teenagers. Their head size is adjustable so they will fit you no matter whether you have a big or small head.

What we Loved about the Decibel Defense headphones

  1. Wide range of colors
  2. Great for teenagers owing to the awesome design and wide range of colors
  3. Effective in cancelling out noise while still making it possible for you to have meaningful conversations with someone near you.
  4. Good for autistic people who still want to maintain focus despite being in a noisy place that would otherwise distract them.

What we did not like about the Decibel Defense headphones

  1. One of my autistic students found them to be too tight and the plastic actually tore his ear skin while he was trying to remove them.

Fun and Function Noise Reduction Headphones

One thing that I love about Fun and Function company is that they always produce quality products that are suited for children with sensory processing disorder. And so when I learnt that they stock noise reduction headphones, I had to have a look at them so as to know whether they are of high quality as well as effective. And the truth is that Fun and Function, as always, did not disappoint me.

The product does a great job in muffling unwanted background noises so that your kid can concentrate with the task at hand without having to hold their ears in irritation. They are durable and therefore you get true value for your money when you invest in this headset. The Fun and Function headset would be perfect for noisy environments such as when your kid is going to the grocery store, movie theater or restaurant and they want to muffle all the unwanted noise away.

What I loved about the Fun and Function Noise Reduction headphones

  1. Effective in muffling unwanted sounds
  2. Durable
  3. Quality design
  4. Easily portable since they are light in weight.

What I did not like about them

  • Rather stiff to get your head into.