Christmas gifts for cerebral palsy

The Christmas holiday is fast approaching. And it is time to remember your cerebral palsy kids with gifts. Here we have a selection of top three that we feel could just mark the end of year in style. Christmas Gift Suggestions by a Special Needs Teacher Music toys Special needs children love music. It helps … Read more

Caring for a child with cerebral palsy

Caring for a kid with cerebral palsy will of course not be the same as caring for any other child, but with good procedures and support then it is very easy to rear such a kid. There is no such an exact procedure on caring for such a child but perseverance and commitment will always … Read more

Raising a Special needs Child:Tips You Need to Have

Having a healthy baby is every parent’s dream when you find out you are pregnant. From phone apps to monitor pregnancy stages to buying everything your newborn needs. You long to hold your baby in your arms. The baby arrives; some are diagnosed immediately after birth while some come later on. When parents talk about … Read more

Games for kids with cerebral palsy

What is the meaning of cerebral palsy? Cerebral palsy is a form of disorder that makes a human being to lack ability to maintain stability and position. Cerebral means mind affected while palsy means muscle weakness. Cerebral palsy is triggered by an abnormal brain development or damage which affects a person not to have ability … Read more

Activities for Cerebral Palsy Kids

Cerebral palsy is a condition that affects the brain that causes challenges with muscle control. Though severity may differ from person to person cerebral palsy is a neurodevelopmental disease which interferes with the brains ability to communicate with the nerves hence symptoms vary from mild to severe.  There are many causes of cerebral palsy either … Read more

Activities for Teenagers with Cerebral Palsy

activities for teenagers with cerebral palsy

Cerebral palsy is a condition that affects muscles and movement. The condition is a neurological disorder diagnosed in infancy and early childhood. The symptoms of cerebral palsy vary from child to child, from mild to severe. One of the most taunted tactic to handle the situation is to create a good stimulating environment that supports … Read more

How do toys help cerebral palsy kids?

how toys help kids with cerebral palsy

The famous Fred Rogers who was once a preschool kid’s show host is quoted as once saying that play is the way children learn and is the child’s equivalent of work. A child, whether special or normal will require play before they can sleep at the end of the day. If they lack play, they … Read more

How to choose toys for children with cerebral palsy

In my line of work, I have come across parents from all spheres; parents with normal kids, parents with special needs children, christian parents, Muslim parents, the poor, the rich; all sorts of people. What is unique about all  these parents is that they want the best things for their kids. Parents of special needs … Read more

Review of Kinetic Sand for Cerebral Palsy Children

Something great about the kinetic sand is that it sticks to itself. Never sticking to your hands. And so when you decide to get it as the toy for your cerebral palsy kid, you are assured that the kid will not make a mess of themselves. No, they will just have fun, exercise their fine … Read more