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How do toys help cerebral palsy kids?

The famous Fred Rogers who was once a preschool kid’s show host is quoted as once saying that play is the way children learn and is the child’s equivalent of work.

A child, whether special or normal will require play before they can sleep at the end of the day. If they lack play, they will have insomnia and could disturb you during the night since they are not well engaged.

Now play for children is not possible without the relevant toys that are going to keep them amused.

We have been recommending a good deal of therapeutic toys for kids with cp. But how do all those toys help the kids. Well, in this post, we are going to revolve around how those toys help the child in their different growth and developmental milestones.

Toys such as the legos stacking blocks help a child learn how to coordinate things so that they can make something from even the tiny pieces. Blocks also help a kid refine their motor skills since one needs to concentrate and place the pieces at the exactly correct positions.

Games that involve kitchen toys and play foods help with imitation and modeling what adults are doing while cooking. Kids are also able to express themselves as they pretend to make their favorite foods so that the parent would know what the child fancies.

Use of puzzles will help with improving cognitive ability of a child. The kid is able to recognize different parts realize how they are part of the whole.  Here, I quote the words of a work colleague who said that puzzles do to the brain of a child what Mathematics does to the brain of an adult.

Using toy items such as the kinetic sand would help the child with creativity and making real what they see in the actual world. Here you are also able to tell their artistry ability so that you can mold and  refine it.

The use of musical toys can help in calming the child as well as offering entertainment. Music also helps in memorizing tunes and sounds that the child can use some other time when they are requesting for the toy. Musical play therapy could also help with verbal expressions.

Robotic toys offer companionship to kids living with cerebral palsy. You therefore do not need to be always there with the kid but can engage in other house chores. However for a child who does not know how the toy works, an adult needs to be there in the initial stages as a scaffolder and then move away gradually as the child masters using the toy.

According to the famous site, when you are buying toys for kids, you need to make sure that the toy provides either of the following:

  1. Enable movement and fine motor skills.
  2. Enhance social skills
  3. Improve language skills
  4. Help them reach growth and developmental milestones
James Njenga
James Njenga