2022 Review of Kinetic Sand for Cerebral Palsy Children

Something great about the kinetic sand is that it sticks to itself. Never sticking to your hands.

And so when you decide to get it as the toy for your cerebral palsy kid, you are assured that the kid will not make a mess of themselves. No, they will just have fun, exercise their fine motor skills and come out clean.

So your kid loves molding and creating things. Well, get that arty kid some kinetic sand and be mesmerized by their creativity as they mold, create and mix the colorful sand without it ever drying out.

They will mold fancy castles, their favorite pets, small people, cars and all sorts of things that thrill them.

Why would you need the Kinetic Sand As a Plaything for your Child?

The kinetic sand helps in exploring the creative side of your child so that they are able to mold and create all sorts of things with it.

It is visually engaging owing to the many colors that it can come in and therefore your kid will be thrilled to have it.

For cerebral palsy kids who have poor fine motor skills, you can help develop that using the kinetic sand that will surely help them in strengthening their hands and fingers.

Pros of Kinetic Sand

  • Kinetic sand does not dry out. Unlike clay which you will need to continually wet, the kinetic sand remains wet throughout.
  • You are able to mold it to whatever form and shape you are interested in.
  • Kinetic sand does not stick to your kids fingers or clothes. Rather it sticks to itself and so you need not worry that your child is going to soil themselves in it.
  • The sand comes in a range of colors which is visually appealing for your child.
  • It helps with the fine motor skills of your child
  • It helps with creativity as well as exploring the arty aspect of your child
  • It would foster team work and socialization when kids play with it and engage as they do so. It is therefore a good plaything for not only cp kids but also autistic kids.

Cons of Kinetic Sand

  1. It is a choking hazard so you should not give it as a play thing to very young children
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