Reviewing the Skybound Mini Trampoline for ADHD and Autism

When you have a kid with adhd or autism who is always running around, jumping up and down frustrating you, you want something that is not only going to contain them but will also be a great play thing. And that is when you think about the mini trampoline for adhd.

Look at it this way. When your kid is out there in the entertainment park on bouncing castles and big trampolines, they seem to be having the best moments of their lives, right? Now you do not want to destroy this.

You wish that the same excitement and freedom could be brought home. Only that it is so hard to get some good indoor trampolines, right? And since you do not want them jumping on beds, couches or any other bouncy thing in the house because, well, it could be unsafe, you are seeking for the best trampoline for autistic kids.

skybound mini trampoline for adhd
Skybound Mini trampoline is great for autistic children
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Getting a trampoline for home use seems like a herculean task. Who will be manning the kid to ensure that they do not jump on the trampoline only to be thrown on the hard tiled floor? What if they fall on electronics in the house or worse still, what if they fall on other kids?

It would be wailing after wailing and you would be left with the task of consoling the kid as well as bringing the house back to order. Now, nobody wants to do that. Not especially now when everybody is busy with their lives.

Now you need not worry because the guys over at skybound have come up with what I believe to be a great invention. They have a superior, high-quality and safe mini trampoline for adhd and autistic kids complete with safety handles so that you do not have to worry that your kid might end up getting hurt as they jump.

We happened to get the skybound indoor mini trampoline for our special needs children and we were more than jolly. The adhd kids that we got the trampoline were also very excited. Every day now is Christmas to them thanks to the enjoyment, freedom and carefree attitude that they are able to derive from the trampoline.

The use of trampolines for kids with adhd and on the autism spectrum disorder has been found to be therapeutic in improving their motor skills, enhancing body balance as well as improving eye-to-hand coordination.

The skybound trampoline is small enough to be brought indoors and so your kids do not have to pay any fees to enter into an entertainment park to enjoy trampolining.

What we Loved About the Skybound Mini Trampoline

  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors. The small size allows it to easily fit into small rooms
  • The skybound mini trampoline is a good therapy rebounder for special needs kids
  • It is very safe to jump about on owing to the safety bars on it
  • Can support up to two kids at a go.

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Cons of the Skybound Trampoline

  • Too small for big kids