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13 Mini trampoline activities for your Autistic child

After you have bought the mini trampoline of choice, it is high time that you got your kid engaged in some sports on it. The trampoline has been an excellent tool for rebound therapy that will engage your child’s motor skills while reinforcing their muscular growth.

You will also see that your child can use up most of the excess energy they have built up, especially when they are home during the holidays or holed up in the house during the winter seasons.

Mini Trampoline activities for autistic kids

A mini trampoline is a good exercise tool for autistic kids with proprioceptive sensory needs who seem to always jump up and down in excitement or are climbing all over the house.

  1. Simple jumps
  2. Jumping while counting 1 to 10
  3. Jumping while doing the alphabet
  4. Jumping and dancing
  5. Jumping and singing
  6. Knee jumps
  7. Jumping on one leg and switching to the other
  8. The high jumping challenge
  9. Jogging
  10. Jumping jacks
  11. Seated bounce
  12. Bounce the ball

Now that you have a trampoline at home, what activities do you get your kids to engage in on it? Well, let’s quickly dig into a few:

  1. Simple jumps

Your kid’s first exercise will naturally want to do on the new mini trampoline you bought them is a series of simple jumps. This exercise has no order, number, or form.

The kid just enjoys jumping on the mini trampoline and feel rebounded up by the springs on the rebounder. But this might quickly start boring your kids after the first few weeks; you will therefore need to be creative to generate other trampoline activities, which we look at here below.

2. Jumping while counting 1 to 10

When your kid has started learning how to talk, you could ask them to jump as they count. This way, you combine fun with learning. If the child is autistic and nonverbal, you could use this opportunity to encourage them to learn how to count. So as they jump, count once, two and so on up to ten.

Do not be too ambitious to want to count more than this since the child might not master counting that far. But if you do it slowly and progressively, the child will improve their counting gradually and grasp what you are saying. They will also associate one jump with the number one and so on.

3.Jumping while doing the alphabet

Another variation to the count as you jump is ‘count as you recite the alphabet’. Here you will have the child jump as they say ‘A, B, C to Z. Again, this tactic helps your child learn the alphabet and develop their verbal skills.

mini trampoline activities for autistic kids

4. Jumping and dancing

Another mini trampoline activity is jumping while dancing. Here you will put music on and have your child dance along as they jump. It helps build multitasking as well as hone your child’s dancing skills.

5. Jumping and singing

Similar to the jump as you dance, here you want the child to jump as they sing. They could sing to ‘baby shark doo doo’, ‘Old McDonald had a farm’ or any other song they are already acquainted with. The activity also helps them multitask.

6. Jumping high and low

You could ask your child to jump in alternate heights where they jump high and low. It will be lots of fun for your child. Have them try it.

7. Knee jumps

Your kid might grow tired of jumping on their two legs and want to explore jumping on their knees. Do not prevent them from doing so. Just make sure that they are safe and that they have their hards tightly holding the safety bar.

8. Jumping on one leg and switching to the other

Still, in the spirit of making the rebound trampoline fun and less monotonous, you can ask your kid to jump on one leg. They could count numbers or recite the alphabet as they do so. Once they are tired, they could switch to the other leg.

9. The high jumping challenge

You could ask your kids to do a challenge where the person who jumps highest wins. Of course, you want them to jump in turns not the two of them together.

You should only do this game when you have a safety net and the kid is on the safety bar, plus there is an extra cushion in case they fall off. Do not encourage this trampoline game to occur unless there is an adult around to supervise the children.

10. Jogging

You could ask your kid to jog on the spot on a trampoline. Other than burning calories, it will be fun for children to do so.

11. Jumping jacks

Another great cardiovascular activity on the trampoline is the jumping jacks. Kids will love it.

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12. Seated bounce

For this seated bounce, the kid is on a trampoline sitting and bouncing off. They will love doing it.

13. Bounce the ball

When all is done and the mini-trampoline activities tend to bore your child, place the trampoline on the wall with its rebounder facing you. You can then have your child bounce the ball on the rebounder. So they will be throwing the ball at the trampoline and have it bounced back to them. This will be lots of fun.

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