Holiday activities for Cerebral Palsy

To feel really appreciated by their parents, kids with cerebral palsy would rather have you spend time with them during the holidays as opposed to your buying them exorbitant gifts and leaving them to the care of babysitters.

But why?

Because they are able to connect with you, spend lots of time talking to you telling you of their wishes and how they see the world. And because they see you as their role model and guardian, they will feel free to confide in you on all calamities that they are facing.

The case might be different when they are left with the househelp who will not entirely give herself out to take care of your kid and see to it that they develop well.

They would also love to feel closer to you and smile with you. Other than their sharing their problems, they also want to hear how your world is panning out. They would really appreciate to hear that you too are human and have your own worries and things that are troubling you.

So lets look at holiday activities that you can engage in with your kid who has cerebral palsy.

  • Go out shopping with the kid

Kids love going out for shopping with their parents. Cerebral palsy kids are no different. Yes, they might have a problem with carrying things around but they will like it altogether when they are pointing out on things as well as expressing their needs.

Shopping will also help them with their fine motor skills as they try to take things and help you around.

It could be a good thing that when you want to buy gifts for your cerebral palsy kids that you have your cp kid accompany you to that shopping trip.

  • Go out to amusement parks

You need to go out with the kid to amusement parks where the kids is going to see things. Go to places where the child is going to play with trampolines, see-saw and swings. It becomes even better when the place has lots of colorful things because they are going to be engaged and captivated. While there, try to do some water games such as pouring water, splashing and transferring it from one place to another.

  • Take them out to see other folks as well as invite other people home

Kids hate isolation. It denies them the opportunity to socialize, make friends and talk out their experiences with other peers.

It would therefore be a great thing that you take your kid out to meet their peers in their homes and as you sip a glass of wine and engage with their parents, that the kids are out there trying board games or water playing. This will help them with their social skills.