Christmas gifts for cerebral palsy

The Christmas holiday is fast approaching. And it is time to remember your cerebral palsy kids with gifts. Here we have a selection of top three that we feel could just mark the end of year in style.

Christmas Gift Suggestions by a Special Needs Teacher

Music toys

Special needs children love music.

It helps them sharpen their listening skills and is also a form of enjoyment and relish.

Do not deny them this.

While you are not going to buy them real guitars and collosal painos, you can still get them some kids musical instrument sets.

Other than teaching them the different sounds, the kids musical set will also help the kid in bettering their fine motor skills as they try to grab each of the musical instruments to strum or beat.

Wowwee Chippies robot dog

If they are spending lots of time alone, your cerebral palsy kid is bound to get bored. They will be craving for companionship which might be hard to come by. With little socialization and boredom, this might also affect their speech skills and so you need to get them out to play with other kids.

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But for companionship, you could get them a wowwee chippies robot dog that would keep them friend until such a time when you can have the kid meet other children in the neighborhood.

The wowwee robot dog is a great invention which will sing a song when touched, bark and even make some movements. It will be a great amusement for your kid.

What we loved about the wowwee chippies robot dog

–A great invention that will engage your toddler for long

–Makes sounds that amuses your child

–Able to detect movements and move away and so would not present a stumbling risk for your child.

Kinetic sand

Every kid wants to the coastal feel where they play with beach sand, build up things and lie recklessly on it. But then, not everyone is endowed with living in close proximity to a coastal area. So what do you do to get the kid have the feel of beach sand to play along with.

Get them some kinetic sand.

One thing about kinetic sand is that it is different from all other modelling medium that you might decide to get for your cp kid be they mud, clay or plasticine. Unlike all the other mediums, the kinetic sand is sure not to soil the child. While sticking to each other so as to produce the best of models, it does not stick on your child’s hands.

So the child is able to model perfectly while not giving a care to the world how dirty they are going to get. And you need not worry too.

It also produces of the greatest castles that your child’s imagination can conjure and so you once they get the gist of how to model, you do not have to stand there inspecting them or supervising. They will be too thrilled in their play to even notice that you are nowhere to be found.

What we loved about the kinetic sand

–The kid will be able to model perfect things with ease

–The sand sticks to each other

–Modelling with the kinetic sand will fine tune your child’s motor skills.

–The sand is hypoallergenic and so parents need not worry that it is a health hazard to their children.

–The sand does not soil your kid since it does not stick to them.