Caring for a child with cerebral palsy

Caring for a kid with cerebral palsy will of course not be the same as caring for any other child, but with good procedures and support then it is very easy to rear such a kid. There is no such an exact procedure on caring for such a child but perseverance and commitment will always lead to abundant outcomes.

How cerebral palsy is diagnosed

Children born early or born with health matters have dangers acquiring cerebral palsy. The main signs that doctors check on include the following:

  • Not being able to sit up at 7 months
  • Not being able to move arms ,crawl or walk in a normal way
  • Too loose or too tight muscle tone

Treating of cerebral palsy kids

Cerebral palsy has no cure but there is a form of therapy that therapists can use so as not to worsen a kids state on cerebral palsy. Therapies need to be done as soon as the kid is diagnosed of cerebral palsy, this will help in modifying the muscles before they get stiff as the kid continues growing.

Medicine is also given to this kids to reduce the pain in their muscles. Surgery can also help in fixing of dislocated parts of the body. Eating foods rich in calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D assists in strengthening your kid’s bones.

Problems that cerebral palsy causes

The brain harm that cerebral palsy causes affects other functions of the body that lead to things such as visual impairment, loss of hearing, speech problems, tooth decay, behavior problems and learning disabilities. Many of them have problems that need assistive devices such as braces and wheelchairs.

Important tips on caring for kids with cerebral palsy

Setting up goals

Most parents raising kids with CP have goals that they want their children to be able to do things by themselves without aid or supervision like any other kid. You can write down a list of the short term and long term goals that you want your kid to have accomplished in a short while or some years to come.

But as you set them, be ready for disappointments because they are sure to come. Do not beat yourself down when then kid does not hit those milestones. At the same time, do not be too hard on the child.

Additional resources 

If you have never experienced such a status quo in your life, then you can ask from other parents raising such type of kid. You can fetch a lot of information from this by asking the type of medicine they use, the therapist that attend to their kids or even the diet they use. You can also visit sites that give care to persons affected with cerebral palsy. You can also use books and internet that also provides you with guides on caring for kids with cerebral palsy.

You can also join support groups of parents whose kids have cerebral palsy. This way, you will be able to learn what they do to their children as well as find moral support from parents who are sailing in the same boat as you are.

Have fun with the kid

It is always good to have fun with your kid even if you are always busy. You can at least get time with your kid and let them express their feelings and always try to figure out what they are interested in. If they are trying to focus on things they can’t do, help them focus on things they can be able to do and do it together by making it fascinating and enjoyable. This also help the relieve stress.

Take care of yourself

Mostly people are known to get into depressions and being selfless since they have a kid with cerebral palsy. Most of the time they lose their worth and run to taking good care of the kid which is not healthy to them. It always good for parents also to take good care of themselves as well as the kid but this should not make them to seem different from what they used to be.

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Take them to a special needs school

If there is a special needs school around your area that you can take the kid with cp, do not delay taking them there. While there, they are going to meet other kids with the same problem without feeling stigmatized, be taught how to develop their language, cognitive abilities as well as fine motor movements.