Best Games for kids with cerebral palsy [2024]

What is the meaning of cerebral palsy?

Cerebral palsy is a form of disorder that makes a human being to lack ability to maintain stability and position. Cerebral means mind affected while palsy means muscle weakness. Cerebral palsy is triggered by an abnormal brain development or damage which affects a person not to have ability to control the muscles. 

Signs for cerebral palsy vary from person to person, some of them might need tools to be able to walk .This means that there are supposed to be different games for different affected kids with cerebral palsy.

Play is and will always be a beneficial part of any child’s development, the type of play must be one that makes a child enjoy and be happy. This helps kids to improve their mental, social and physical skills.

It also gives kids a chance to do things by their own, no matter the ability of a child, the mode in which kids enjoy playing games is always the same.

Hand games for kids with cerebral palsy

Kids with cerebral palsy have issues with picking things with their own hands. This type of game will increase their muscle strength. Some of the hand games for kids with CP include the following:

  • Sorting Play

Mix up different things that are easy for your child to grasp and let them pick according to color, size or type of things present.

The bee to hive matching game is a good sorting game that will enable the child to learn colors and also fine tune their motor skills.

  • Sticker play

This game encourages your child to pick stickers as they place them where they are supposed to be.

  • Modelling game

This encourages your child to play with the modelling and make artistic creations with their own hands. The kinetic sand is a great choice for this as it does not stick on your child’s hands but will stick together creating great models.

  • Hand clapping game

Clapping hands will help improve motor function. You can use an easy and simple song to help improve rhythm.

And the great thing about this is that you do not need to buy any toy for this.

  • Secret shake of hands

Chose a way that you will make your kids move their body by having a secretive way to shake hands. You can make as many moves as possible which will be fun to the kid and will also be a way to build up their muscles.

Board Games

Kids with CP would enjoy board games such as draughts and chess. These games will help them refine their motor skills as well as increase creative thinking, cognitive abilities and fast decision making.

Other than draughts and chess, the child could also immerse themselves into the joy of the princess board game that will encourage interaction as they play with other kids.

Physical activities

You can allow your kid to do physical activities like dancing, doing some workouts together and running can make your kids muscles to strengthen up and also help develop balance.

Getting outdoors

Having walks outdoors as you watch what is going on and having dialogue with your kid is encouraged. Go to play grounds and let your kids express themselves by doing what game they want to play.

Video games

Video games have been have been a source of fun for kids with cerebral palsy. These games are not only for fun but they also help such kids advance in their mobility and freedom. Kids with cerebral palsy have difficulties in holding items and moving their wrists, this makes it hard to hold checkers while playing video games. Some might even not be able to press multiple controls at the same time.

Microsoft released a gaming console called Kinect for the Xbox 360 in 2010, this game has the ability to sense gestures so the user’s body acts as the controller.