Best Distraction Toys for Autism in 2024

Autism usually goes along with sensory matters. Oren Steinberg_ the cofounder of Sensory Treat_ together with Amy Owens, Executive Director of Infant Toddler Services of Johnson County, says that sensory-based intrusion has been shown to be of great help.

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Occupational psychotherapists recommend use of sensory toys which work to stimulate a child’s five common senses in way that is enjoyable. These sensory toys comprise substances that have features such as glowing, contrasting colors, sounds, or dissimilar feels.

The toys come in different appearances including turners, chew dolls, cubes, rings, and finger toys.

Best sensory toys for kids with autism

There are 2 types of sensory factors that affect a child’s autism i.e. hyper-sensitiveness or hypo-sensitiveness.

Hyper-sensitive children are those who get overwhelmed with the sight of bright lights or strong smells. If your kid is of such a habit, parents should seek advice from a psychiatrist on what type of toys to choose for their kids.

Hyposensitive kids are those kids that like bright colors, low responses to pain or textured foods. Such kids should be involved with activities like dancing jumping, running or chasing on to something.

The best examples of sensory toys for kids with autism include the following:

  •   Fidget Spinners

Spinners keep the kid’s hands occupied so they can listen to maybe a tutor in lesson or while making conversations with peers.

Many kids enjoy the even and fast turning of the dolls to ease operation, this makes them ideal for meetings where slight disruptions are allowed. The type of spinners are also required to have bright colors and also glitters.

  • Chews

Chews are beneficial for developing muscles, refining tongue coordination and refining motor aids. The chews like the pacifiers helps lower the kid’s anger which may lead to a next awful move. The chews can be textured with dots, wrinkles, decorations, or flat rendering to the child’s preference.

For kids who dislike latex texture, fabric bands are also available. When choosing chews for the kid, it is especially significant to be sure its shape and size are fitting for child progress.

  •   Rings

These are also a great option for kids who are not at a risk of choking. Consider buying rings that also serve as chews since most kids will always rush anything to their mouths. The rings could also serve as spinners. Try buying rings that are of bright colors and of repetitive patterns so as to impress the kid.

  •   Stretches

This are going to keep the kids hand busy. Make sure that the stretch is also a chew which is safe for your kid. This will help by exercising the muscles in the kid’s fingers and wrists.

Tips on selecting the best distraction toys for autistic kids

Avoid toys that force the kid to wait for too long

Try to choose toys that won’t make your child to wait for long; select those that makes a difference at on the spot. With such a toy, your child is going to get interested with such a game and have the feeling to continue playing.

Cause and result toys

This kind of toys would cause a great effect to kids that don’t like interacting with their peers. They also work well since they give kids the idea of turn taking.

Kind of sensory stimulation

Make sure that you recognize the type of sensory stimulation that your child craves for. Some kids like pressing onto buttons and then some sounds are heard, other kids like scrolling on phones to see pictures slide. It is the parent’s duty to recognize their kid’s behavior and know the right toys for such behaviors.

Define the aim of the toy

Try to develop skills for your child according to their preferences. This will help kids to continue with what they are supposed to do at the moment after they have already used their toys and can now be able to do it without distractions.

 Give them time

Let me confess here–I bought my son a bike and I thought that would be a great play thing for him. Unfortunately, the bike is still parked in the house. He seems disinterested in it.

And that can be draining especially if the toy/plaything is expensive.

Don’t get drained that you bought your child a toy and they don’t want to play with it. Try it for another time or maybe try to modify. Maybe the toys sound is high and you can reduce the volume, maybe it is being put in an awkward shape then you can change it.

Avoid too much at the same time

Too many toys may lead to the kids mind getting distracted. It is of help that you give them one toy at a time. You can also try and buy few larger toy than many small toys.

Try toys that encourage learning  

You can try and buy toys that will improve the learning of the kid. Toys such as attractive books to write on or maybe printed books with alphabets or numbers. You can also use toys that are used to check on spellings etc.

Best of 10 distraction toys for kids with autism

                                 I.            Original Fidget Rescindable Sequin Hand Toy

It comprises of elastic strips to help hold while playing. Helps work on fine motor aids   even though it doesn’t feel like you are working on them. It also contains of high quality revocable sequins Mermaid Fabric.

                               II.            Stretchy Mice and Cheese

This toy contains of a great fidget toy with detached mice for play. The toy is great for any office usage or home.

You can either choose to congest, stretch or push the mice through the holes. This toys also assist in fine motor harmonization, firming of hands and also relieves anxiety.

                           III.            Wacky Tracks

It bends in many ways making diverse shapes and making a nourishing feeling. You can also use it to make letters or signs. It is great to use at public or even private places or during car rides.

They are usually sold with a range of colors. It consists of lightweight plastic to make you use it for hours without getting tired.

                            IV.            Crazy Aaron’s thinking putty

This usually glows in the dark and contains amusing neon rainbow specks. Aarons thinking putty is made from non-toxic silicon and never become dry. It is stretchable, sculptable and bounceable.

 Use the thinking putty while at home school, work or wherever you are. This doesn’t require instructions on how to play, just use your own creativity to make anything you want. It is made up of different colors and has also different scents.

                               V.            Spaghetti  Ball

This has a sensation of noodles and a very interesting texture on it. Kids enjoy pulling, stretching or squeezing it. By doing this it helps relieve stress.

This also allows your restless hands busy and also helps acquire motor skills and strengthening of hand muscles. It comes with mixed up colors.

                            VI.            Tactile Tiger Hand Fidget.

This brush has a prickled tactile surface on one side and an elevated tiger design on the other side. Your kid will enjoy rubbing the bristles on their hands or legs. This scheme is also made with FDA permitted material so it can be harmless for kids who are chewers.

                         VII.            Spiky Slap Bracelets

These are soft and long-lasting bracelets which have soft latex spikes that offer palpable stimulation. They are very flawless for children to wear so they can feel the touch. It also makes a clicking noise that kids find appealing and soothing.

                      VIII.            Squishy Stress Relief Balls

These balls are strong and long lasting safe for kids. They are perfect for use in classroom or at home. The help to boost fine motor skills and handwriting.

                            IX.            Abilitations Squash it

For this type of toy, you can keep it in in a pocket, desk, or purse. Hold them perpendicularly and place upside down to view the colors whirl or work the colors back and forth through the slim chamber for a great finger exercises.

They are rubber free and with a non-toxic mineral oil liquid. It is usually sold in a set of three colors i.e. yellow/green, lime/green and blue/purple. The good thing is that it doesn’t make any noise hence you can use it also in a silent place.

                               X.            Play foam

This is a textured bubbly foam. As you squeeze it you feel calm and therapeutic. It never dries out nor make a mess. You can make anything you like with the play foam, it helps in refining creativity.