noise cancelling earmuffs for autism

Snug headphones for autism: Are they Worth The Purchase?

As the name suggests, snug headphones for autism fit snugly on your little kiddo’s ears providing comfort while at the same time muffling all the unwanted noises that would distract them or even make them uncomfortable. As we have already discussed in an earlier post, auditory overstimulation to an autistic child only goes to make them anxious, start fidgeting and the worst case scenario is when the kid gets a meltdown and is therefore uncontrollable. We bought the snug earmuffs after we heard the online buzz about how comfy, cool and lightweight they are and decided to give them a try. And well, the online buzz was not really that far off from the truth!

Here is what we found out about these cool toddler earmuffs for noise.

snug headphones for autism

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One thing that you will completely blow you away about the snug earmuffs is that they are pretty looking, what with their brilliant colors! The other thing is that they are highly reviewed and loved on amazon, what with the over 3500 customers who have bought them and gone ahead to say how much they loved the product.

The earmuffs have a NRR or noise reduction rating of 25 decibel which is within the recommended range of between 20 to 26 db. They will therefore effectively reduce noise while you are out shopping with the kid, in a noisy bus, at birthday parties or even in school where there might be too much noise that could cause the kid feeling overwhelmed and anxious at the overstimulation.

The earmuffs are foldable so that you can save on space by tucking them nicely in your handbag when travelling with the kid and do not need to use them.

They can be worn by both kids as well as adults when you slightly extend them to accommodate your head size.

A kid wearing snug earmuffs. Looks comfy and cute?

Pros of the Snug headphones for autism

  • Act as great children’s ear protection for concerts, parties or rowdy streets
  • They can be used by both kiddos and adults
  • They have soft padding that cushions your child’s ears
  • Lightweight so easy to carry and walk around with. Infact the kid did not feel as though they were wearing anything.
  • They are very comfy and your kids will love them
  • High noise reduction rating of 25 decibels
  • Simple but great design

Cons of these snug earplugs for kids

  • I would not advise you to buy them if you want to use them while shooting. They will not muffle out the shooting sounds.
  • Though they reduce noise, an autistic person might still feel uncomfortable since they will still hear the lawn mower humming or loud telly so you need to move the kid away or reassure them when they still feel uncomfortable
  • They are not very durable since they are made from weak plastic material. Most of the amazon customers who purchased them said that they broke easily especially when handed to toddlers who were keen on breaking them. But since they do not cost that much, I would advise you give them a try.

snug headphones for autism

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