The bellicon rebounder review

Trampolines are a great way to have your autistic kid expending their excess energy, build their muscular strength as well as exercise their motor skills. As they play on the trampoline kids with adhd or autism are also going to try to interact with their peers as they claim to have their turn on the rebounder. They will also make some noises as they jump up and down.

Bellicon Trampoline

If you are searching for a rebounder for autism trampoline therapy, you might have come across great reviews about the bellicon rebounder. Popularly known as the Rolls Royce of trampolines, the bellicon is indeed a cut above the rest. Well, you want to know whether it is a good buy for your kid or just a complete flop. You will also need to assess whether it is safe enough for kids below 6 years, right?

Well, in this article, we are going to look at the good, the bad and the ugly of the bellicon rebounder.

Lets dig into it:

The good about bellicon rebounder

The bellicon is firm and sturdy with nice bungee padding so that as they jump, your kids are completely safe to do so. Different from all other rebounders, the bellicon does not come with metal springs that could hurt your child was the padding to wear off. It has soft bungees that come in different strengths to suit you. It also has a high weight limit of 440lbs so that adults as well as children can use the rebounder without it crumbling.

The bellicon comes in all sorts of colors so that you will be spoilt for choice on what bungee to choose for your little one.

The bad: bellicon negative reviews

The bellicon does not come with a safety net as suchg you will have to go an extra cost to buy one if the trampoline is to be used by your kid.

The bellicon is rather expensive when compared to cheaper mini trampoline models such as the skybound mini trampoline.

Kids activities on the bellicon

Here are the activities to try out on your bellicon trampoline.

  1. Simple jumps–When your bellicon is new, your kids will love to do simple jumps on it. With time though, they will want to do more activities.
  2. Seated bounces–Other than jumps while standing, they could do seated bounces.
  3. Jump as you dance and sing on the trampoline–You could have your kid play a game of jumping as they dance. So get some music playing and let your kid dance as they jump away. Another way you could get them enjoying the rebound experience is asking them to sing as they use the trampoline.
  4. Jump as you count 1 to 10– This is a nice way to get your kid to learn to count. You could ask them to count 1,2,3…10 as they jump on the trampoline. They will not get bored of the learning since they are doing so as they engage in a fun physical activity.

Safety measures on your bellicon

1. Ensure that you are having one kid at a time on the rebounder

2.  Stop the children from doing dangerous antics that might risk their lives or cause injuries. 

3. Have an adult supervising the children as they jump on the rebounder.

4. Make sure that the paddings are on and not worn out. You also need to make sure that the safety net is on at all times.

Bellicon rebounder weight limit is 440lbs meaning that other than kids, adults too can use the trampoline.

The use of play that facilitates talk and cooperation between autistic children and their neurotypical peers has been shown to be therapeutic for autistic children. Trampolining is just one way that has been shown to create this kind of cooperation and social interaction.