The Einstein Syndrome: Bright Children Who Talk Late Book Review

Penned by economist Thomas Sowell, The Einstein syndrome is a compilation of stories about children who were labeled as autistics but ended up being nothing but late talkers who would end up in sciency courses or as professional musicians.

While doctors, paeditricians, occupational therapists and special needs assessors had labeled them as being in the autism spectrum disorder, the parents were adamant and felt that the children had something special in them. And well, the only thing that they had was this Einstein syndrome.  The syndrome gets its name from world famous scientist Albert Einstein who himself was a late talker, showed signs of echolalia but ended up to be the man that we all remember.

the einstein syndrome

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But why would an economist like Thomas Sowell pen such a book about children and yet that is not his field.

Well, Thomas happens to be a parent of a kid who showed such signs. His son, John who is now a computer programmer was a late talker and displayed the characteristics discussed in the book.

John spoke at the age of four, and he was not that fluent even then. However, as an observant father, Thomas saw that his son was open to open even the toughest of latches. His memory was also above par. The boy was clearly analytical than kids of his age.

At kindergarten, John was always bored by things that did not excite him but loved Mathematics and anything that involved computers.

Characteristics of Children with the Einstein Syndrome according to the Book

  1. Most are boys
  2. They are strong willed
  3. They have great memory
  4. They tend to be analytical, calculating and will get themselves out of places with ease
  5. At school, they get bored by things that they deem as too simple or boring.
  6. There is a mathematician, scientist or a musician in the home
  7. The kid end up in science or music

Praise for the Einstein Syndrome Book by Thomas Sowell


The book was received with praise by many parents whose children had received the retard or autistic label from other people but who felt that their children would end up expressing themselves verbally.

Here are the positive things we found about the book.

  • The book gives a good compilation of cases of children with the Einstein syndrome; mostly boys who took long before they expressed themselves verbally but ended up speaking and going into either sciency or musical careers.
  • The book is a great encouragement to parents who have kids who have speech delay but not autism.
  • Thomas Sowell has used the expertise of Professor Stephen Camarata of Vanderbilt University who has captured even more cases of the kids with the Einstein syndrome
  • Thomas gives the characteristics of the Einstein late talkers which one could use to assess their child.

Criticism of the book

  1. While the book has received a litany of praises for encouraging parents of children who are not talking and would eventually end up expressing themselves verbally, the book could as well give false hopes to parents of children in the autism spectrum disorder who will not end up speaking
  2. The book is just a compilation of cases, Thomas does not talk about how to help your Einstein late talker express themselves
  3. Thomas Sowell does not follow to teenager and adulthood to show us how the kids express themselves socially as teenagers.

the einstein syndrome

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