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Vanderfields Autism Earmuffs for Toddlers

Why Do Your Children Need Protective Ear Muffs?

Loud noises can cause permanent hearing loss and even accelerate the process of becoming deaf. The need for hearing protection is often misunderstood and underestimated.
Noise levels above 125 decibels for even short periods of time, can cause permanent hearing loss. When exposed to these decibels for longer periods of time the effects are even worse. In fact children with autism should not get more than 26 decibels of noise. The 26NRR Ear Muffs are one of the best ways to protect your hearing from damage as well as reduce ambient noise for kids with autism.

When To Use The Vanderfields Protective Ear Muffs?

VANDERFIELDS ear protection muffs reduce loud sounds from outside to a more convenient level. You will still be able to hear what is going on around you but you can rest assured your children’s hearing will not be permanently damaged! We advise to use them when you are surrounded by sounds with a higher dB level than 85. (Example; concerts, airport, gardening and household tools, etc.)

Great Comfort for Your Child

These Ear Muffs are specially designed to fit a child’s head and make sure the child will be as comfortable as ever. The ear cushions are extra padded and the lightweight designs creates the feeling that the ear muffs aren’t even there and easy to get used to. Even though they are designed for children they will grow with your child as they can be adjusted in size without compromising comfort.

Other uses may include;

  • GREAT FOR EVERY SITUATION – Ideal to block out noises caused by airports, large crowds, garden and household tools or other troublesome.
  • PERFECT FIT – Perfect for little ears and offers a stylish look! Strong & High Quality parts that make the protective ear muffs sturdy and robust.
  • EXTREME COMFORT – Lightweight and extremely comfortable for your children. The padded ear cushion apply a comfort and snug fit
  • LIGHT AND PORTABLE – The Earmuffs Foldable design is Ideally portable and offers an adjustable fit


Having used a pair during a flight to Mombasa, I had such a cozy time because jet lags make me feel nauseated. By keeping everything quiet, my 45 Min flight felt only like a quick nap and hence forth I make sure I have a pair around my neck on board. There are no known disadvantages of using earmuffs, but the benefits are limitless.

James Njenga
James Njenga