Best noise cancelling headphones on a budget

Noise Cancelling Headphones On a Tight Budget for ASD

We have heard your cry. And we have offered to help you out.

Most parents who have kids on the autism spectrum disorder know the importance of noise-canceling headphones. They know that they will help their kids who are suffering from sensory overload. They know that with these gadgets, their kids will concentrate better in school. They will also not have as many meltdowns when they go to noisy music concerts or out in the playground.

But the prices of most noise cancelling devices are inhibiting. They are on top of the roof. Now considering that a parent might have other kids in the home who are equally looking up to them for food, shelter, clothing and entertainment, it would be hard to spend over $300, $200, $150 or even $100 on their kid on the spectrum.

And so what happens.

The kid ends up with no noise cancelling device.

This is a sad state of affairs because the kid will not be able to concentrate in class when there is so much activities going on.

And since, I know the pain, the financial strain that a parent with a kid on the autism spectrum disorder has to go through every day, I am here to save the ship from sinking.

I went around looking for the best noise-canceling headphones on a budget for kids on the spectrum. I will review them here.

Best Noise Cancelling Headphones Under 300

Say that you want something classic, cool and hip but you are still running a strict budget. Well, here are some nice headphones for you.

  1. Sony WF Industry Leading Noise Cancelling Earbuds

When you are having a teen on the autism spectrum disorder, you want them to look cool while still protecting their ears from high decibel noises, don’t you?

Well, the wireless silver Sony WF have got you covered. When the teen does not want any background noise, the earbuds can be automatically turned into cool music devices where they will listen to some calming songs. They have a long battery life of upto 6 hours and can also be used with your phone to answer calls or listen to music.

What we loved about them

  • Muffle out all unwanted background noise
  • Look hip and cool
  • Discrete and Wireless giving you freedom to do what you want to do without being tied to the wires.

What we did not like about the Sony WF noise cancelling earbuds

  • They are earbuds and might prove uncomfortable for young kids
  • You have to charge them regularly.

Best Noise Cancelling Headphones Under 100