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Work Out While Blocking out Distractions: Best Noise Cancelling Headphones in 2022

Noise-cancelling headphones are the perfect accessory for when you want to blast your favorite workout playlist without bothering everyone around you.

Do you want to be able to enjoy your favorite tunes without the annoyance of background noise on a busy treadmill?

Do not worry, we have got you covered. Some of the Noise-canceling headphones for working out we review here will keep all those distracting sounds away so that nothing can get in your way of reaching new personal bests!

If you’re tired of being distracted by the noise in your gym, grab a pair of headphones that block out all ambient sounds. The wireless earphones are made from lightweight material and come with adjustable silicone eartips to ensure they fit securely around any ears for comfort during intense workouts!

Sweatproof headphonesConnectivityWeightSound qualityNoise reduced in decibelsBattery life
Treblab Z2Bluetooth with range of up to 33 feet0.56 lbsNot the best 35 hours
Backbeat Fit 6100 0.53lbsNot the best. Volume does not go up  24 hours
Senso Wireless earbudsBluetooth connection0.04lbsNot the best 8 hours
Comparing different sweatproof noise cancelling headphones and earbuds

Can you work out with on-ear headphones?

The answer is yes, but with certain caveats.

First, the earbuds must have some kind of foam padding to prevent your headphone from touching your skin.

Second, the headphones must not be too tight on your head; you should be able to wiggle them and rotate them around without difficulty much like wearing earrings in each ear lobe.

Third, physical activity creates heat which works against sound waves being emitted by speakers inside of devices like smartphones or mp3 players so wireless bluetooth headphones are best for workouts as they do not emit thermal hot air; wired headphones can get tangled if that’s a concern for you though.

Fourth, if it is raining outside then it’s probably better to use clunky over-the ear designs that will muffle out these rain sounds.

What to look out for when buying noise cancelling headphones for working out

Below are key factors that I always consider before buying my noise cancelling headphones for working out.

  • Sweat proof

You are bound to sweat during your work outs, right? Well, some headphones are not really good with sweat. They will start acting up and could just get spoilt. You therefore need to look for a pair that is sweat proof so that you can sweat your way to fitness without any worries at all.

Woman exercise in gym on bike and liste music over headphones on her head
  • Comfort

As you sweat on that treadmill struggling to do away with those love handles and your protruding potbelly, you want a distraction-free pair of headphones that delivers perfect, motivational music that gets you in the mood, right? The pair needs to be well padded and comfy to you. The headband should not be too tight as to feel as though you are forcing your head into a tiny peephole.

Personally, I want a tangle-free wireless headphone that uses Bluetooth to deliver its blast of music. Not that I hate wires but come on, who really wants to work out in a pair of earbuds that are getting into your way and you have to keep on shrugging them every time they crawl to your hands and create a ticklish feeling as they touch your sweaty body?

  • Wired or tangle free

Long gone are the days when everyone used to wear these wired headphones. Bluetooth has come to save the day. You should therefore go for a pair that is Bluetooth enabled or could be connected seamlessly with other apps on your smartphone so that it delivers quality music to your ears without the need for wires tangling up as you seek for motivation for your work out.

  • Amount of Noise reduced

While we have agreed that no noise cancelling headphone is going to cancel out 100% exterior noise, you want a pair that reduces the distractions as much as possible. Noise as the University of California reports can negatively affect your mood, mental state and level of concentration. You do not want this when working extra hard to tear into your body fat and reduce your weight, do you?

I would therefore advise you to look out for a pair that reduces noise by as high a percentage as possible.

Dude lifting weights while listening to music through sweatproof noise cancelling headphones
Dude lifting weight in gym, looking down
  • Sound quality

As you work out, you want a gadget that outputs the most excellent of sound quality, don’t you? Well, while going through the different sweatproof headphones, you will see that all do not have the best sound quality out there. If you are a sound purist, they are honestly not your best buy here and you would rather be looking for a pair elsewhere. If you are however hell-bent on getting a good ANC pair that can be worn when working out and has a somehow good sound quality, stay on.

  • Battery life

You want a pair whose battery life lasts for a long time without discharging as you work out, right? Well, the good news is that most of the reputable manufacturers will point out this information in their packages so that you can know what you are buying.

  • Weight

As you work out, you want the lightest wears and that is why you are in that light-weight sweatpant and nice comfy sneakers, right? Well, the headphones you are wearing also need to weigh very little so that they do not bug you with so much weight on your head.

Best sweat proof Active Noise cancelling headphones for Working out

Treblab Z2

Employing the power of active noise cancellation, the Treblab Z2 endeared themselves to me because they are wireless( you could use Bluetooth at 33 feet range, Alexa, Siri or Google assistant), they have a battery life of upto 35 hours, ultra soft padding so that my ears were not subjected to too much pressure when wearing them. Weighing a measly 0.56lbs, the Treblab Z2 did not weigh me down or get into the way of my working out.

The icing on the cake has to be that they are water resistant and sweat proof. You need not worry that they are going to start acting up because you sweat too much while working on the treadmill or lifting those heavy weights.

Even with all these features, the Treblab Z2 are incredibly affordable. I do not know whether it is because the brand is not well known or what but for less than $100 you will get yourself this awesome work out companion.

Here comes the downside. The sound quality is not what you would get from Bose or Beats by Dre. No, the quality falls short of what you get with these giants but if you are looking for some good sweatproof headphones, then then Treblab Z2 are worth checking out.

At the same time, if you are one with a small head, then they might not fit snugly and will keep on falling as you exercise.

Backbeat fit 6100

Able to hold up their battery charge for 24 hours, the Backbeat fit 6100 are another great workout companion that are IPX5 water resistant and sweat proof. The main problem though is that they do not do much in noise isolation though the manufacturer claims that they reduce noise.

Senso wireless earbuds

If you are looking for an in-ear, lightweight noise cancelling solution, then you could give the Sensor wireless earbuds a hoot. Of course that is if you care for earbuds. Personally, I do not want earbuds near me when I am working out. I feel ticklish when something inside my ears. But I know there are some people who like them.

The senso wireless earbuds are sweatproof thanks to the nano-coating at the top. They also use Bluetooth connectivity and can also be connected to Siri and Google Assistant. You get 8 hours of continuous use when the batteries are fully charged.

Noise cancelling Donerton in ear buds

With an IPX7 waterproof rating, the Donerton are another great accessory for people looking to jog, run or lift weights while isolating outside noise that might distract them in their exercise. The Bluetooth-connected devices can deliver upto 6 hours of music without discharging. What I loved about them is that you can tell how many more hours you have before a full discharge of the battery occurs with their LED display that shows all this information.

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