Is it Worth Buying Noise Cancelling headphones?

There are no noise cancelling headphones that are 100% effective. None.

Whether they are ANC or noise muffling designs, they are fall short of cancelling 100% of the noise getting to your ears.

You will therefore just have to do with a pair that cancels a good amount of noise from your ears.

Does that mean that they are not worth it?

No, not at all.

Is it Worth Buying Noise Cancelling headphones? Yes, it is.

Noise cancelling headphones are still worth every penny that you buy them for.


Well, they are able to give you a conducive environment where you are not perturbed or distracted in your activities by outside noise.

They are great for people whose work needs lots of concentration and the prevailing surroundings are just too noisy. Picture this, a stay-at-home mom working on a transcription file will need to be very attentive so as to get all that is happening in the file that they are transcribing, right?

But what if there are some toddlers wailing and making all sorts of noise in the vicinity. Do they chase away the kid so that they can continue listening keenly to the file so as to get all that is going on?


The best way for such a person would be to get some noise cancelling headphones.

For Sleeping

Another person who will need a pair is someone sleeping in a place where the background noise would not allow them some zzzs.

Picture someone whose house is next to a blacksmith centre or near a noisy factory. Does it mean that they will have no rest because of the background din.

No, not all.

They will most need a good night sleep if they are to feel rested and be ready to work on their projects the next day.

So what is the best solution?

You guessed it right. They need a pair of the noise mufflers.

Audiophiles who want to get the best quality of music will most definitely swear by wearing on a pair that cancels most of the outside noise so that they can enjoy their music in peace.

For Autism

Autistic people are very sensitive to noise and they will definitely need a pair as we have discussed in other articles on this blog.

For Shooting

When you go out shooting, you will need to have a pair of noise cancelling headphones. With these, you are protected from the loud and deafening bang sounds of the bullets as they hit your targets. The impact can be so much that it could easily denature your eardrums.

For Classroom

For students who have autism, they definitely do need a pair. Wearing the pair, they are able to ward off unnecessary noise getting into the eardrums. The noise could have been caused by someone rubbing on their exercise books too engrossingly, someone scratching a wall with their pen or someone dragging their desks too noisily against the floor.

For Concerts

When going out for a concert and sitting in the midst of people, you are going to be treated to all forms of noise that you could ever imagine. People will be shouting out loud, cheering and even jeering. If the noise is just too much, you might need to wear a pair of noise mufflers so that you are not affected that much by the din.

For working out

When you go out to the gym, there is bound to be lots of noise. There are those people doing cardio and have loud music blasting out of their mega speakers. They claim that the music keeps them in sync as they exercise. You are also bound to hear instructors shouting out commands as well as people patting for breath, metallic weights being dropped on the floor plus people busily walking on the treadmill as they sigh for breath.

All these can be distracting and you might find that you are unable to concentrate on your workout.

With a good pair of headphones that muffle out all these noise, you will be able to concentrate on the task ahead.

When working out though, I would advise that you check out a pair that is waterproof and wireless. You are bound to get clammy from all the sweat dripping down your face, right? You do not want this sweat to drenching your non-waterproof headphones, right?

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At the same time, wired headphones can get tangled and really get into your way as you exercise.