Too much Jumping: A sign of Autism?

Is jumping a sign of autism?

is jumping a sign of autism?

Dr. Temple Grandin, the world’s most famous person with autism, has said that she thinks “jumping is just fine.”

Other experts in the field agree and say that if your child jumps a lot it could be because they are excited to explore their environment. Kids are bound to jump on your couch and even on the bed since they enjoy the bounce movement experience they get from jumping on soft bouncy surfaces.

Jumping is not bad at all since it helps your child develop their motor skills as well as strengthen their muscles.

Still, if you are concerned about your child’s jumping or know that they have autism and jump excessively then consult a doctor.

Some experts advise parents to explore the causes of their children’s excessive jumping by making sure they get enough exercise. If this doesn’t work, try using some sensory toys, a trampoline or getting your child busy.

Jumping could be a sign that your kid needs proprioceptive and vestibular input

Too much jumping could be a sign of autism.

When people jump, they usually do so because their nervous system tells them to do so. For anyone else this will be triggered by an adrenaline rush in response to the situation or for those with autism, lack of sensory input gets them going.

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Alternatives to too much jumping

If your child is jumping too much, you could try to get them some alternatives such as:

  1. Sensory toys to play with.
  2. A trampoline–bouncing up and down the trampoline has been found to be effective in providing kids with autism the proprioceptive and vestibular input that they are craving for.
  3. Busy activities and play–you need to keep your kid active helping around the house. You could ask them to carry laundry, arrange furniture or carry books from the bookshelf. All these activities are going to need energy that you kid has in plenty. Other than work, you could have them jog, lift small weights or even run around.
  4. Another thing you can do is provide your child with a lot of exercises for their muscles and motor skills such as yoga, swimming, and biking.
  5. Get them some climbing holds–Climbing has been found to provide the vestibular and proprioceptive input that your child needs. You could therefore get them some climbing holds in the house. This works good especially if the kid has shown some special interest in climbing all over.
  6. Deep hugs work wonders–Hugs can work wonders in controlling your hyperactive child. They will calm them down.
  7. Get them some weighted blankets and compression vests–just like deep hugs, weighted blankets and compression vests have been found to be great in calming down your excessively jumping kid.