Best Indoor Trampolines for Sensory Processing Disorder [2022]

The best indoor trampoline for sensory processing disorder is useful to satisfy your kids and teens with ADHD, Autism, or sensory integration disorder sensory needs. They are most useful in school for a quick sensory break, at the clinic, and at home during the rainy/cold days.

However, to get a suitable indoor sensory trampoline is not a walk in the park. You have to do lots of market research and comparison. Fortunately, we have done the hassle for you and compiled the top 10 favorite indoor trampoline for sensory processing disorder review, with a buying guide.

Best Indoor Trampoline for Sensory Processing Disorder- Buying Guide

Getting your child, a trampoline can be a great way for them to exercise, have fun and develop coordination. To get the best indoor trampoline there are a few things you need to put into consideration.

Safety padding

Safety padding help to avoid injuries in case your child hits or falls on them. Ensure your trampoline has padded springs and metal frames. Also, it is important to consider a different contrasting padding color to define the edges clearly.

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It’s advisable to get a netted enclosure to prevent your child from falling. The enclosure should be suspended from padded poles. To keep your child safe from otherwise stiff or hard poles.


Your child can use the ladder to get on and off the trampoline safely. However, it’s good to remove it while the trampoline is not in use. Besides, if your child finds it difficult to get on and off on their own they may not be in the right developmental stage to use the trampoline.

User Guide

Before buying your trampoline ensure you have a user guide, with clear comprehensive, and complete instructions. Specifying clearly with pictures and good texts, how to assemble, maintain and use the trampoline safely.

1.    Asee’m Trampoline

With Asee’m 60” trampoline for kids has a net, so you rest assured your kids are safe while playing. The trampoline is enclosed for safety as your kid jumps, to develop excellent jumping abilities. It also comes with a detailed manual and two large suction cups on each leg to improve stability and care for your floor.


Strong: this trampoline has three U- shaped feet for extra stability and impressive bouncing. Whereby each leg has large double suction cups, so you can be sure your floor is well-taken care of. Moreover, it is designed with a human design so you don’t have to worry about your little one hands and feet being caught up.

Secure design: your child’s safety is a priority. The trampoline is enclosed with a high-density elastic net, which is comfortable and long-lasting. You don’t have to worry about tearing or anything dangerous for your child. Again, you can see through the net to monitor what your kid is doing.

Suitability: this trampoline is suitable for toddlers, and children to help them exercise, keep fit, jump and do gymnastics. Again, you can install this trampoline either indoors or outdoors.


  • High 220lbs maximum user weight
  • Padded frames and springs
  • Bouncy jumping mat
  • Easy to assemble
  • Suction cups help to reduce play noise
  • Good for indoor and outdoor use


  • No screw cups to cover protruding screws

2.    Skywalker Trampolines Mini Trampoline with Enclosure Net

Help your child promote imaginative play and nurture their gross motor skills. This skywalker mini trampoline is built with a mat featuring a fun zoo-themed mat. So, with time your child can recognize featured animals and numbers.

As your child plays, you can be sure of his/her safety. The enclosure is directly built on the jumping net without leaving space. In addition, safety is emphasized with attached stretch bands in place of springs.


Safety: the enclosing net is directly attached to the jumping mat, leaving no space. So your child is always safe as they play. Also, your child’s stability is emphasized with the 360 degrees padded frames.

Use: this indoor sensory trampoline is designed only for indoor use. Your little one joints are safe with stretch bands in place of springs. Also, the nest is tightly woven to protect their fingers and toes all time.

Enclosure net: enclosure net prevents your child from falling off, or their toys. The nest is transparent you will be able to monitor your child while they play.


  • Safety padding on the handlebar
  • Safe stretch band in place of springs
  • Enclosure net
  • Large jumping space
  • Less noise compared to spring trampolines


  • Low 100pounds recommended user weight
  • Not very easy to assemble

3.    Kewltax Kids Trampoline

If you are looking for a fold and go trampoline, you need to consider this Kewltax kids trampoline. Its durability is guaranteed with a tubular steel frame, long-lasting mat, and finish coating. Your child will not step off the bungee cord; the sides are padded around the frame.


Ease of use: although this trampoline is easy to open and close, it supports a maximum of 150 pounds’ user weight. If you want to travel with it or store it, you only need to fold down the frame to close it.

Benefits: this rebound therapy trampoline helps to develop confidence, motor skills, coordination, and enhance good blood flow. Also, the exercise will help strengthen their muscle and bones density.

Assembly: believe it, this trampoline is super easy to set up. you only need to attach the mat to the bouncing frame. To do this, open the frame, screw its 6legs and tighten the handle. However, this should be done by an adult.


  • Good for outdoor and indoor use
  • Can be carried around
  • Several health benefits
  • Padded frame and cushion
  • Long-lasting mat and frame


  • No enclosure
  • Assembly required after folding down

4.    smarTrike Toddler Trampoline

smarTrike toddler trampoline is a 3-in-1 activity center offering young children early start to develop sensory play and grow motor skills. All this from an early age of 10months with the ball bit. Again, as your child grows, she can advance to the next trampoline bouncing stage.


Easy set-up and folding: easy storage is an efficient way for an indoor trampoline. However, with this fold and go trampoline you can easily fold it up into a portable compact package. To carry it around easily or store without occupying much space.

Play options: during the rainy and too hot to handle summer heat your child will enjoy multiple play options. Your child can play with the balls on the ball pit, free on jump trampoline, and learning trampoline. With this, your child will be entertained actively indoors.

Built for strength: You don’t have to worry if your child is jumpy with strength. This trampoline is built to withstand vigorous jumping and active play.


  • Many indoor play
  • Can withstand vigorous play
  • Compact folding
  • Suitable for early age play
  • Tool-free assembly
  • The ballbag is machine washable


  • You have to overturn the trampoline to use the ball pit

5.    LANGXUN 5ft Panda Trampoline for Kids

Do you want to steal the show at your child’s birthday or just want to surprise them with something amazing? Right, this panda trampoline will do exactly that. Your child can either play indoor or outdoor. Undoutfully your child will release so much energy here.


Design: LANGXUN panda trampoline for kids is a super big toy. With a lovely and unique shape. Whether your child is playing indoor or outdoor, it will always be the center of their play. The panda shape is unisex; for it’s good for both girls and boys.

Safety: believe it, this is the best trampoline for autistic child, you never have to worry about your child’s safety. It has a jumping mat stitched with a safety design, so your child will not stick in the gap or get injured when they touch a spring.

Stability: The U-shaped leg design enhances the stability and firmness of the frame. Moreover, the safety net is 47 inches high made of a tight weave, high density, UV treated PE thread. You can be sure your child is safe while playing.


  • Beautiful panda design
  • High 400 pounds user capacity
  • Available well detailed instructional manual
  • High-quality trampoline


  • A bit engaging setup
  • Requires more than one person to assemble

6.    HEKA Mini Trampoline for Kids and Adults

If you need to enjoy trampoline sensory benefits together with your child, this will do the work. This trampoline is designed for two people. Also, your children can play together more so if they are twins. The trampoline has a handlebar for safety while bouncing.

Your children can use this trampoline either indoor or outdoor. Giving them fun exercise while promoting health, physical and educational benefits.


Comfortable padding: your child’s comfort is key. The handle is covered with high-quality material to protect your child from injury. Also, this occupational therapy trampoline has a handle for support while rebounding.

Rebound therapy: jumping on this rebound therapy trampoline for 10minutes, equals to 30minutes of jogging. Again, if you want to build a great body, get this full-body exercise trampoline.

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Adjustable handrail: this trampoline built for two, has an adjustable rail. So, you can set it depending on the user height for support. Using a knob, you can adjust its height between 37.8” to 50.4”. However, it can support up to 220lbs maximum user weight.


  • Long-lasting and safe to play
  • Suitable for both children and adults
  • Quiet and bouncy
  • Anti-slip legs
  • Foldable for storage or transport
  • Helps to improve coordination and balance


  • It is not enclosed
  • Need parental guidance while playing

7.    Lovely Snail 5FT Trampoline for Kids

Lovely snail 5FT trampoline for kids is the best indoor trampoline for sensory processing disorder. You can conveniently have it in your living room or move it outside, during good weather days. With a 5ft diameter, your child has sufficient space to play.


Safety: Safety is the key priority with this trampoline. The enclosure is UV resistant with 6 poles; your child is safe and also, you can see what your child is doing. As your child plays, they will not come into contact with the springs, thanks to the padded spring covers and sewn jumping mat.

Greater bouncing: your child will enjoy better bouncing with galvanized springs, which are also long-lasting. The jumping mat is UV resistant and waterproof with 8 sewn thread technology for improved trampoline life. So your child can jump better safely.

Simple assembly: you only need a few hours to assemble this trampoline. So, order and enjoy a great time with your child. However, in case you have an issue, you will get good customer service.


  • The trampoline grows with your child
  • High stability
  • Your child safety is guaranteed
  • Better bouncing
  • Can support up to 220 pounds’ user weight


  • Setting up is bit engaging
  • Cheap basketball hoop

8.    VANVUSON Kids Trampoline

Jumping on the trampoline has never been this better. Get this upgraded VANVUSON 4.5FT trampoline with 6 safety guardrails net support. The jumping mat is high quality with anti-ultraviolet rays to protect sun wear and enhance the jumping experience. The net is soft to touch but you can be sure of its durability.


Safety certified: in everything you get for your child, safety is paramount. However, this VANVUSON trampoline meets all safety guidelines, and it’s certified by ASTM consumer trampoline standards safety specifications. Be sure of your child’s safety.

Easy set up: don’t worry about complicated and time-consuming assembly. It will take you about 30minutes to completely set up, and get your child on it. The trampoline comes with well-explained manual instructions and videos.

Noise-free: are you worried about noisy and irritating sound as your child play? Worry not. With the best trampoline for autistic child, it is fitted with shock-absorbing footpad for less noise and vibrations. Also, the nest is 3ft high for safety, so you can rest while your child plays.


  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • You can have it whenever you want
  • Tool-free assembly and disassembly
  • High user weight capacity; 150lbs
  • All-weather material


  • This trampoline will only accommodate one child at a time

9.    ORCC Toddler Trampoline

Experience trampoline sensory benefits with a long-time experienced brand. However, this trampoline is designed with only children in mind and exceeds ASTM standards. But you can be sure of your child’s safety and reliable play either outdoor or indoor.


High quality: this ORCC toddler trampoline has 6 net poles 4cm in diameter. To ensure your child is protected, the poles are padded with anti-collision sponge protection. The steel frame can support up to 220lbs of user weight.

Stable U-shaped legs:  ORCC trampoline has only three U-shaped legs, but you can be sure of your child’s safety. These legs provide full support and enhance stability for the whole trampoline.

Easy set up: of course, you are not ready to start struggling with a complicated trampoline setup. With this trampoline, you only need less than 20 minutes to get your child playing. Also, the trampoline comes with everything you need in the box; accessories, enclosure net, and legs anti-noise fittings.


  • Everything you need is in the box
  • Detailed instruction manual
  • Easy setup
  • Improved U-shaped legs
  • Both for outdoor and indoor use


  • It will be difficult to set up with the wrong pad positioning
  • Requires more than one to set up

10.  ROANUDE Kids Trampoline

If you are looking for an indoor sensory trampoline for your 3-10 years’ child. This is a good choice for your child’s childhood memory. This trampoline ensures safe jumping for your child as they release extra energy. However, your child can enjoy outdoor freshness or stay indoors depending on the weather.


Stable with less noise: each leg is fitted with two non-slip suction pads for stability and less noise. Again the trampoline is made with a human design, so it will not fall over while your child is playing or jumping violently.

Everything you need to get started: the trampoline comes with necessary assembly tools and hardware. So, you will get started quickly and seamlessly. However, it’s advisable to read the instructional manual first, then proceed to set up. Again the assembly will require two people.

Grow with your kid: getting a toy that will grow with your child is a plus. This trampoline is a suitable first child’s toy but also big enough to support larger children up to 100pounds of user weight. Also, both girls and boys will love it.


  • Easy set up with detailed manual
  • High stability
  • Less operation noise
  • Excellent customer service
  • Protective padding


  • Low user weight
  • Assembly requires two people


A trampoline is the best gift you can give your child. There is no recurrent cost like; gym subscription, sports classes, or activity centers. However, you should strive to get the best indoor trampoline for sensory processing disorder, physical and mental disorder. So your child will be able to play whenever they need.

In our article, we have featured indoor trampoline for sensory processing disorder selected based on their usefulness and reliability. Get the best for your child to reap its benefits.