Screen time and speech delay for toddlers

speech delay and screen time for toddlers below 2 years

Screen time and speech delay for toddlers Today we are going to have a guest post from a lady friend who was suspecting that their kid had autism but was actually having a speech delay due to lots of screen time. Yes screen time can create a problem in your child’s expressive language pattern to … Read more

Best toys for nonverbal autism 2 year old

best toys for nonverbal autism 2 year old

2 years is the hallmark of child development. This is the age where most children will have developed locomotive abilities, talk even if it is a babble, have developed interest in playing with others. At this age, you will also notice that the kid will have developed an interest in a few activities and you … Read more

Homemade sensory toys for autism

fidgeting and autism

DIY Homemade Sensory toys for Autism We have already looked at commercial toys for autism that you can buy from Amazon. Today, we shall look at homemade sensory toys for autism that you can make from your home without spending a pop. The DIY sensory toys are great for parents on a small budget or … Read more

Reviewing Atypical: a Netflix series on Autism

movies about autism on Netflix

Over the last weekend, my spouse was out shopping for movies and he came across a Netflix series about autism called Atypical. The young man selling at the movie shop knowing how passionate I am about working with autistic kids recommended that my husband gets the series for me. And so, he was sold; he … Read more

5 Ways to help a nonverbal autistic kid speak

verbal communication--autistics need encouragement to have verbal communication

I do not like using the term nonverbal when referring to autistic kids who do not speak. I would rather use the term ‘preverbal’ because I believe that with behavioral, educational and play therapy, the child will eventually speak and have a communicative pattern with their peers, parents and teachers. How to Foster Verbal Communication … Read more