Child Not Talking At 4: What to do?

child not talking at 4

Child not Talking at 4 I got an email with that subject. It was from a troubled mother who wanted to know when their boy should be speaking now that they were already 4 and showed no verbal expressive language. Could it be a physical problem or could it be a neuro-developmental problem, the parent … Read more

How to Encourage your Toddler to talk

activities to encourage your toddler to talk

There is nothing that feels as bad as seeing other 2 to 3 year old kids expressing themselves verbally while your kid is stuck with babbling and gesturing. It gets you thinking about what wrong you might have done. So you take them to a speech therapist to have them checked out, go to an … Read more

When a baby boy should start talking?

best toys for nonverbal autism 2 year old

My baby boy toddler who is 2 years is not talking. This was the start of an email sent to me two weeks ago by a disturbed mother. Despite reaching all the other growth milestones, showing a high level of intelligence and hyperactivity, the boy was yet to speak. Yes, he did babble and would … Read more

Best noise cancelling headphones on a budget

Noise Cancelling Headphones On a Tight Budget for ASD We have heard your cry. And we have offered to help you out. Most parents who have kids on the autism spectrum disorder know the importance of noise cancelling headphones. They know that they will help their kids who are suffering from sensory overload. They know … Read more

Is my Kid a Late Talker or Just Autistic?

Comparing Late Talkers Vs Autism Late talking could be caused by different things such as autism spectrum disorder, Down syndrome, apraxia or hearing loss. For autistic children, other than they not being able to express themselves through speech, they will also have a problem communicating through gestures or body movement. For late talkers though, they … Read more

Noise cancelling headphones for sensory overload: 15 Frequently Asked Questions [FAQS]

Questions and Answers on Noise Cancelling Headphones for Sensory Overload, Studying and Sleeping We have already pointed out the importance of noise cancelling headphones for sensory overload as well as why you need to keep off noise so as to enhance concentration in your workplace. In this post, I am looking at all the frequently … Read more

Importance of hearing protection in the workplace

importance of hearing protection in the workplace

Did you know that the noise from an air compressor that registers over 95 db would only take 2 hours to cause you permanent hearing damage? Even better, powered saws that register over 110 db would only need 2 minutes to cause you permanent deafness! Well, now you know and that is why we need … Read more

ALEX Toys – Active Play Monkey Balance Board 778

When my occupational therapist friend heard that I was looking for some tactile toys for my kids with autism, he came to my rescue. He told me that he had once tried this aweseom monkey balance board that is not only engaging, keeping the kid active but also provides relief to them so that they … Read more

Snug headphones for autism: Are they Worth The Purchase?

noise cancelling earmuffs for autism

As the name suggests, snug headphones for autism fit snugly on your little kiddo’s ears providing comfort while at the same time muffling all the unwanted noises that would distract them or even make them uncomfortable. As we have already discussed in an earlier post, auditory overstimulation to an autistic child only goes to make … Read more